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Other Appearances

  • Sampled by The Kleptones for the song "08:35 – Kick The Bus, Kick The Train", released on the artist's 2006 album 24 Hours.





Band Quotes

  • Jack White: "That's the kind of thing I care about, like "Hello Operator" from our second album -- that's a phone company finger-pointing song. I hate the rip-off company. I know everyone has to have a job, everyone has to work and get a paycheck to keep everything going, but it's pathetic that the better mousetrap doesn't win out."


  • John Peel listed Hello Operator as his single of the week, even though the single wasn't released in the UK.


Hello, operator, can you give me number nine? Can I see you later? Will you give me back my dime? Turn the oscillator; twist it with a dollar bill. Mailman bring the paper; leave it on my windowsill. Find a canary, a bird to bring my message home. Carry my obituary; my coffin doesn't have a phone. How you gonna get the money? Send papers to an empty home? How you gonna get the money? Nobody to answer the phone.

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