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Javelin of the Realm

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Image:DianaWieldsJavelin.jpg Diana wielding the Javelin of the Realm.

Also known as the staff of reshaping, this artifact acts as a +5 quarterstaff that can be thrown as a +5 javelin of returning. It can further be reshaped and wielded as a +5 club of returning. It appears as a slender, glowing shaft of smooth, green wood, blunt at each end. The Javelin conveys an intuitive understanding of its abilities to its wielder when he picks it up. It has the following weapon qualities (which include the weapon's enhancement bonus to damage):

Weapon Size Damage Critical Range
Simple Weapon
Two-Handed Weapon
+5 quarterstaff M 2d6+5/2d6+5 x2 Bludgeoning
Ranged Weapon
+5 club of returning M 2d6+5 x2 30 ft. Bludgeoning
+5 javelin of returning M 2d6+5 x2 30 ft. Bludgeoning

The Javelin of the Realm grows or shrinks in length as the wielder requires, and changing its length is a free action that takes no time. In melee combat, the Javelin is treated as a reach weapon that can strike foes up to 10 feet away, but unlike most weapons with reach, it can also be used against adjacent foes. When not in use, the Javelin of the Realm can be reduced to a length of 4 inches for storage.

The Javelin of the Realm, when thrown, can be bounced off surfaces and take opponents from unexpected angles. The Javelin may be bounced off one surface per character level or Hit Die of the wielder, and when so used, the target is flat-footed against the attack.

If a spellcaster targets the wielder of the Javelin of the Realm with a targeted, non-area, non-touch spell, and if the wielder has an action readied for the purpose, he may reflect the spell as though he were the subject of a spell turning (Player's Handbook p282). This effect has an instantaneous duration, affecting only the spell that provoked the use of the readied action.

The wielder of the Javelin of the Realm gains a +10 bonus on Balance, Climb, Jump, Profession (acrobat), Ride and Tumble checks. He can use these skills as though trained, even if he otherwise has no ranks in them.

The Javelin of the Realm cannot be damaged or destroyed by any common means.

Strong abjuration and transmutation; CL 20th; Crafting requirements unknown; Market Price –; Cost to Create –; 4 lb.

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