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Caution Pedo alert:
Suspect last seen in a burgundy Chevy van with tinted windows, handing out candy to little girls and/or boys.
Bert is evil.
Bert approves

This article contains an appropriate level of evilness and psychosis, and as such Bert has given it his stamp of approval. Please maintain the overtly Satanic nature of this article, otherwise Bert will be forced to rape you.

User is requested to let hers out. This article needs more boobs.
You can help by showing your tits.
jungle fever
Race mixer alert

This user is known to engage in egregious acts of miscegenation for which he or she feels little shame.
This user definitely works for the Vatican.
This user is a crazy towelhead or something.

Please don't insult Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or joke about putting the Quran in a toilet when this user is around, or they will be forced to issue a fatwa against you.


This user is way too horny and sex-obsessed for his or her own good. Several cold showers are prescribed. Repeat as necessary.

So hot! Stud of Speakeasy!

This hunk is hereby declared an official stud of Speakeasy, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.*
(Note: There are no rights or privileges.)

Luther, Martin Luther! ATTENTION!
This Protestant crusader would make Martin Luther proud.
This user is a Dual Seedline Christian Identity believer

Hail Aryan Christ. Avoid the Satanic seedline.
Keep it in the family.

This is serious stuff. This article is very, very serious.
You may not laugh or have any sort of fun while reading it.
oooh, sexy! This article needs manboobs.
You can help by showing your guytits.

This article has achieved Hebrewlicious status due to some connection with matzo munchers.

Image:Rabbi jacob.jpg
The neutrality of this article is disputed.
Too fucking bad! Either edit it or kick the author's ass.

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