Snoop Dogg

From Speakeasy

A blizzack memberizzle of the Cripizzles who smokizzles chronicizzle and rapizzles in the hizzay ma nizzay, an importantizzle talentizzle earningizzay himizzle mad greenizzle. Acquittizzled of popping a capizzle in some muthafucka in a gangizzle disputizzle and is oftenizzle arrestizzled on druggizzle or weaponizzles chargizzles everywhizzy he muthafuckin be.

Snoop's dialect of Ebonics

The second syllable of some words in a sentence (nouns, adverbs and adjectives, primarily) are dropped and replaced with "izzle" or alternately "izzy."

"Anyway, gentlemen, I'm going to go converse with that young lady over there and perhaps acquire her telephone number. Perhaps she'll be interested enough in me to retire to my abode where we shall have tea and crumpets and chat about current events. Right-right. Good evening."


"Anywizzy mah niggaz I fen to peep dat ho across the way and git me her digitizzles. Maybe dat ho wanna rizzle to mah cribizzle and let me bust my jimmizzle all up in dat. Fo shizzle. Keep it rizzle!"

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