Pan Aryan National Front

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An online fantasy camp for brown people and wogs who for some reason wish they were white nationalists.

Draco on PANF

HAIL NOBLE ARYAN WARRIORS TUPAC SHAKUR, MONTEZUMA, AND KUMTA KINTE!!!! ARYA BUGGA BOO!!! England was settled by the great Masai warriors, sons of the great Afro-Aryan GOD Umbuku, and only pale gay ass white skinned niggers like you live there now! Thanks be unto the mighty Aryan Allah that England is being returned to its state of superior Aryan paradise with the influx of Aryans from Thailand, Kenya, Jamaica, and Pakistan! May the mighty brown Aryans reclaim their ancestral homelands; from England, to Gemany, to Iceland and beyond! HAIL CHE GUEVERRA!!!!

My new forum, Afro-Asian-Aryans For the Reclamation of their Ancestral Homelands of Europesounds perfect for you! Though we just met, would you like full admin powers? May the streets run red with white gay nordic fag blood! They all suck black dicks anyway! My Aryan-African-Iranian girlfriend routinely dykes out with other women, as the hero of the Aryan race, Pol-Pot commands! WALLA WALLA BING BANG!

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