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Brief Personal Biography

Nosterian is a Croatian-born Australian, with dual Croatian and Australian citizenship. Born in Vukovoar in the then SR Croatia (within the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, or SFRJ for short), on 8th November 1977.

Nosterian emigrated to the land of Oz with his parents when he was around 8 month old. This guy has always being an oddity without even realizing it in the first place, (he's diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and he's not necessarily please with it, so that may explain a lot of things).

Nosterian's parents divorced when he was around 8 years old, afterwards he lived with a couple of step-dads that his mum later divorced. He hasn't seen his dad for around 11 years until he decided to see him again in an local RSL club.

This would be SE geek with an uncertain future who doesn't prefer a dead end job without a pay rise and/or management responsibilities and is currently living with his mum which is a major drag. But hey, someone's got to live, right?

Online Posting History

Nosterian first discovered the beautiful world of browsing the Internet while in a PC convention in Darling Harbour, Sydney while he was 17. Around 2000 Nosterian started to post in ex-Yugoslav usenet newsgroups under his real live identity, (and briefly in other non ex-Yugo such as soc.culture.Australian and few year later). Besides usenet, Nosterian also posted at a few message boards dedicated to the alternative history/sci fi/fantasy author Harry Turtledove, mainly due to his following of that author's "what if the south won the civil war" series of novels, starting with the stand alone novel How Few Remain.

While still posting at usenet, Nosterian first heard of Liberty Forum in which SE's current administrator and founding member niccolo and donkey, had invited everyone from a couple of ex-Yugoslav newsgroups to register and post. Currently Nosterian still posts at LF under the user handle of "Nustarac", until he's either got a compelling reason to quit or that that forum's domain name registration is set to expire, or if LF's admin decides to pull the plug, whatever comes first. During niccolo's absence from LF in 2004, Nosterian posted at his short lived Secession forum and also at an earlier "Nazified" White Nationalist incarnation of the Phora under the user handles of "Domobran", "Beast Slayer" and finally "Max Max". Nosterian last year also registered and posted again under the ghey user handle of "The Rock Lobster" at the previous incarnation of the Phora before the current one.

Currently Nosterian is a regular at SE who posts there, but lurks most of the time and has not much to contribute. The user handle "Nosterian" originates from the local football club based in Nustar named NK "Nosteria".

Political Affiliations and Views

Nosterian considers himself to be very much a "Croatia first" Nationalist who cannot help it but smile, or even gloat whenever Serbia's kicked in the fanny, due to all that pwnage that those Chetnik fucktards had done to his family, birthtown and country. Even though he's a dul Croatian-Australian national.

Other than that, he's no J00 lover or a holohugger who doesn't give a flying fuck about those whining Zhids' demands for "Holohoax" reparations and demands for prosecution of some Nazi old farts who'll eventually die soon anyway. At first he thought that Holocaust "deniers", who are actually anti-myth and pro-truth skeptics of history and aren't necessarily Neo-Nazi ideologes contrary to what many brainwashed still think, where themselves Neo-Nazi cranks who are apologists of the murderous Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.

Due to all the complex alliance systems, the diplomacy and the heavy dependence of fossil fuels, to put an end to the "special relationship with that "shitty little country" Israel and not to piss off 1 billion Muslims. Whether or not you like it tough tities, unless you're a genius with who comes up with alternative energy solutions.

Because of this, some like dumbfuck "Heretic" at LF and earlier niccolo and donkey while posting at that infamous Nazified Phora incarnation, was falsly accused of being a Dhimmi who's being duped by Arab propaganda. Although Nosterian has a "wouldn't touch a ten foot pole and i don't have a dog in this fight" position on the Middle East.

Nosterian's anti-semetic credentials are impeccable, although still for a while online he was a philo-semite who developed a lot of respect for the J00s for their supposed "poisecution und ze sufferink" under the Nazis. Even while he was a philo-semite, he never was a fan of Zionism, or a supporter of Israel. The only time that Nosterian ever probably was pro-Israel was in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, when he zig-zawed between pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli positions.

Nosterian gradually developed a general dislike of J00s thanks to the ex-Trotskyist, Haliburton corporate, Christian Zionist, Israel firster Neo-Cons' obsession with getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and their Iraq war blunder afterwards that was fucktarded even long before it started. It only grew even more prominent while Nosterian was and still posting at "Nustarac" at LF. If it wasn't for that, Nosterian would've ended up still a brainwashed Islamophobic Bushbot who supported "teh war on terra", even going so far as to support the curtailing of civil rights for Muslims in the west.

Other than his views on Nationalism, history and foreign policy, Nosterian strongly believes in the separation of church and state and that everyone's entitled to believe whatever the fuck they want, no matter how retarted it may be. From belief in nutty UFO reptilian conspiracies to treating soap and lamshades and the 6 million J00s gassed by Hitler as "facts". Nosterian is very much against illegal immigration and the West (in which both Croatia and Australia are parts thereof), as being convenient dumping grounds for all of the third worlds' problems and failures.

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