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The legendary Liberty Forum member from whom came such deathless phrases as "truth telling machine" "I am rising in the light, I cannot be silenced" and "do u agree," all of which have been bandied across countless forums.

Fond of Waffle House and asking male strangers to cradle his love gun.

In spite of being an avid promoter of Matt Furey's fitness programs, he still hasn't managed to hindu-squat his way out of obesity.

"Newsie" as he is often called, began his famous posting binge in early 2003. In the span of roughly two years he managed to make over 78,000 mostly one-liner posts at that forum alone. Prior to this time he was rather a quiet LF member, mainly posting articles, flag lists and commenting on other posters' "awesome insights."

Mr. Watcher once had aspirations to work in law enforcement, even going so far as to become deputized by the rural denizens of the Louisiana parish he once called home. Frequent smoker of Doral full-flavored cigarettes. Has climbed onto the sobriety wagon and fallen off repeatedly, a victim of teh "Natty Ice."

Newswatcher is a man who enjoys shitting.

He has claimed at various times to be gay, bisexual, fond of black women, fond of much older women, and to long for the exhilarating humiliation of black moose cock. Is apparently quite a fan of enemas, as he claims to have been repeatedly subjected to these by his mother, both in childhood and perhaps even into his adult life. Has stated on numerous occasions that his mother is Jewish, and is a nurse at Whitfield, the Mississippi state mental institution.

Strongly believes that most, if not all, Liberty Forum members need prison time. Perhaps his most storied accomplishment was his initiation and subsequent relentless assault on the senses known simply as BILLY GRAHAM'S ACTIVE ROLE IN SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. This thread, which began simply as a detailed explanation of the well-known Baptist minister's obvious interest in sacrificing children for his own sexual gratification, led eventually to the horrific revelation that Newswatcher himself had been abused by Dr. Graham (the validity of this claim is in dispute). The Graham SRA thread was posted on December 18th, 2003 and still sees occasional posts. It was Newswatcher's stated intention to make this thread the most viewed and posted-upon in LF history. As of the time of this writing, the thread had logged 62,044 views, with 6,871 replies comprising 275 pages of posts.

Posted briefly as Damian1977 at Speakeasy.


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