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Hailing from Granby Piglice State, State of Missery, ZOGland, unlike jewrself Martin Lindstedt is a dual seedline Christian Identity believer and militia movement activist. He was the chairman of the Newton County Libertarian Party and has run for office many times, including running for governor of Missouri in 2004. However, regime criminals have always made sure he loses. His common-law wife Roxie Fausnaught also ran for Senate in 2006 on the Republican ticket.

His archnemesis is Traitor Glenn Miller, who challenged Martin to a fist fight in front of the Walmart in Aurora, Missouri. He is also a staunch opponent to all phorafags/feebs, degenerates, the Neosho Shitty Council, Senaturds, whigger ass-clowns, whiggroids, mong[r]ollian spam-mamzers, Bolshevik schidzoid khazar mamzers, talmudic Khazar mamzers, jew Yawk jews, the Jewnited Snakes, and ZOGlings.


In 2005 Lindstedt was charged with allegedly ѕеxually molesting his grandson based on an incident which took place in 2003. Later he was charged with 22 counts of contempt of court. He began shaving half his face for religious reasons, as it is pleasing to YHWH to look like a total freak. He was kept in Newton County Jail + jewlag/Abu Ghraib West until he was sent to the Fulton State Mental Hospital, where he awaits a hearing on his competency which is expected to take place in December of jew-thousand-and-sicks. The charges of contempt have been put aside for now.

St. Martin of the Feebs

2prcods.gif St. Martin of the Feebs

Many outside the dual seedline community find Martin's gift with the English language charming and are in awe of his leadership and his overall personality. His downfall has made him a martyr for many in the Dual Seedline Christian Identity movement. But for the fags/feebs of Speakeasy, he has been named our patron saint.


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