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Gypsies are a variety of brown people found all over the world but primarily in Europe. Gypsies normally have some of the following features:

  • laziness
  • enjoy stealing
  • usually don't like white people
  • enjoy looking through garbage
  • will steal anything made of metal
  • fascinated by shiny things
  • colorful clothing
  • smell strange
  • hairy
  • weird/stupid name
  • 6-35 children

Gypsy names

BMW, Berlin, Billclinton, Blendamed, Bush, Durex, Elvis, Galaxie, Georgebush, Indonezia, Hyundai, Jézuska, Karburátor, Loventa, Mário, Medallion, Michaeljackson, Minister, Nixon, Persil Power Perls, Pharmacie, Plutonica, Pokemon, Radiator, Razbunator, SLK, Santana, Stralucirea, Universu, Vitrina.

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