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Caution Pedo alert:
Suspect last seen in a burgundy Chevy van with tinted windows, handing out candy to little girls and/or boys.

This user is way too horny and sex-obsessed for his or her own good. Several cold showers are prescribed. Repeat as necessary.



Cosmocreator is a 41-year old Neo-Nazi D-Movie director and screenwriter from Vancouver. He is a longtime nuisance child molester homeless person member on Skadi. He once stated it wouldn't bother him to crush a black baby's skull with his boot like a cockroach. Cosmocreator desired to get into Vanessa's panties, when she was 17 years old and he was in his late 30's, prompting many to label him a pervert. It is thought by many that he lives at a soup kitchen. He is also a member of Original Dissent and Slavanthro.



On euthanasia:

"I'd even put an end to healthy non-white babies."


He belongs to the Nordicist camp, despite being decidedly un-Nordic. In fact, he bears a striking resemblance to George Costanza:

2m7fdza.jpg 497cbjb.jpg

From One People's Project:

This Vancouver dirtbag doesn't just hate people of other races, if you are handicapped, he hates you too! "I'm not going to say I would kill them," he wrote, "but if they can't support themselves, why should I pay for their useless existence? They should be steralized (sic) too." Sure would be interesting to see how he would feel if something happened that would handicap him.


Despite his questionable beliefs, he does have an intense interest in human evolution and considerable knowledge of physical anthropology. His understanding of genetics is a bit off, however.

Pop culture references

Detroit MC fO sHiZzLe mentions cosmocreator in her BET award-nominated song Silk Road Flow:

I'm here kickin' rhymes just for U to savor
Old school flavor, Sharper than a razor
Bass up high and bumpin' in a Chevy Blazer
Don't U dare fuck with us, don't be a playa hater
U be a chronic masturbator, like cosmocreator
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