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This user definitely works for the Vatican.

Annalex is a professional Catholic and a part-time Christian. He is well-known on the Internet as the MadRussian's younger, slightly-autistic brother. Like his elder sibling, mad. He posts on Free and is also known to be a part-time Bush supporter. This is not really surprising, because every job he has ever held, since leaving the Soviet Union in a vat of borscht, has been part-time.

Mad is good, no?

I converted to Catholicism form Eastern Orthodoxy and it pretty much defines my Internet presence these days. My other interest is art. By trade, I am a computer engineer, with a good job. I live in Sacramento area of California.

I started regular forum posting in the FreeRepublic where I ran the series called Pursuit of Liberty. I would try to post every week an article on libertarianism. The idea started by one Fod and OWK was a frequent contributor in the beginning. Gradually I felt that libertarianism was shallow as a political philosophy, and completely inadequate as life philosophy. My posts took on a religious emphasis.

After 9/11 I took the position of righteous imperialism, more or less in sync with neoconservatism. I supported the original goals of the invasion of Afghanistan. I never supported the war on Iraq. These positions lead with a break with most of my Pursuit of Liberty FreeRepublic friends. At about the same time FreeRepublic became flat, boring and slavishly neo-con, and I went to fight my battles at LibertyForum. This gradually rid me of my neocon convictions. At about the same time a more theoretical look at the nature of property rights, -- to which I am primarily thankful to FR and later LF poster SwimmingUpstream, -- lead me to the recognition that:

- war is a natural component of free society
- democracy is almost always a violation of individual rights
- monarchy is the only social system fully compatible with property rights
- there is no freedom without the Catholic Church informing the government on the moral law.

In short, I became Catholic monarchist.

I believe that discussion fora need to be vigorously moderated for civility and quality of content. This is my current disagreement with the management of LibertyForum. I developed my profane and abrasive personal style in great part as a reaction to the stupid notions of "freedom of speech" prevalent over there. Unfortunately, the "free speech" virus seems to be spreading, and I plan to modify my behavior according to its presence.

I continue to post at the Free Republic Religion forum, which is very good. I rarely post on other matters there, as I disagree with most posters and it is tiring to argue from the basic premises all the time.

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