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  • Continuity: When Jason Andrews goes down to the Eastern Shore to contemplate playing the game, Cillian Crowe is walking away after killing Ash Holmes, in fact he is within shouting distance of Jason, but seeing as Jason arrived almost as soon as Cillian killed Ash, Cillian should have still been removing Ash's bulletproof vest.
  • Continuity: At the warehouse when talking to Katherine Marks, Aaron Redfield states that "Jacob helped him and David with a game winning double play in the state championships.", but in David's flashback, it's a triple play that wins the game, not a double.
  • Continuity: It's stated that Barry Coleson won the State Championship the year before SOTF, but the picture clearly has the banner for the National Championships (this error has been fixed).
  • Factual Error: Baseball does not have a National Championship, the closest thing is Division.
  • Continuity: When looking at the picture, David claims all nine members of the baseball team are on the island, but only seven got on before the cap (this error has been fixed).
  • Continuity: In the encounter between Jacob Starr and Shinya Motomura, Jacob spoke to Shinya while moving around the gazebo, with Shinya following closely. The error is that no mention is made of Shinya actually moving in the posts during this encounter, giving off the feeling that he just teleported around the room.
  • Continuity: During the fight scene at the waterfall with Eh-Sun Choi, Kouji Ginsenshi states that his mother wouldn't allow him to bring his katana along with him on the day he was abducted. Later on during the scene, however, he tells Eh-Sun that both of his parents were murdered sixteen years prior.
  • Name Error: When Danya announces the death of Waldo Woodrow, he calls him "Woodrow Wilson".
  • Factual Error: Lyndi Thibodeaux tells Fred Hughes that she'd only been on the island for roughly a day before meeting up with him. However, her biography states that she was from Barry Coleson, and thus was with the group on the plane. Why she didn't start the game until day 5 is never explained, and is simply an error on Megami's part.
  • Continuity (note: this error only occurs in the extended "Jacob vs. David" fight in the Deleted Scenes portion of the Special Edition SOTF DVD): Shortly after David disarms Jacob by knocking the gun out of his hands with a thrown rock and starts attacking him hand to hand, Jacob pulls a knife on David and slashes him under the right eye. The cut from this appears and disappears between shots (most notably when David throws Jacob down the hill, where it switches to his left eye.).
  • Crew or equipment visible: When David ducks around the tree to avoid Jacob's thrown knife and three shots, there is a baseball cap to his left, but his cap is still on his head.
  • Continuity: After killing Jason Andrews, Adam Dodd takes the former's Uzi from his pack, but Jason had dropped the Uzi to the ground earlier when Adam hit him in the face with the shotgun.
  • Continuity: After David Jackson falls face first into a cluster of rocks at the River and gets up, there are no injuries or marks indicative of such a collision.
  • Misc./Plothole: When Chi Masumi encounters Umi Martin's group at the lookout point, she tells Kiyoko Asakawa that she knows Kiyoko speaks no English. Kiyoko didn't attend Barry Coleson High School, nor had she and Chi Masumi ever met prior to this statement. How does Chi know she doesn't speak English?
  • Misc./Plothole: Andrew Klock clearly had never used a machete prior to his fight with Cole Hudson (in fact it's outright stated that he had no idea how to use one, but that it was probably no different than a big knife.), so how is it that he is able to use it like he does in combat?
  • Misc./Plothole: If Chi Masumi is Chinese, how is it she can communicate with Kiyoko Asakawa, who only speaks Japanese?
  • Misc.Plothole: Sydney Morvran went to Aberthol and never met the Barry Coleson students until the beginning of the third SOTF ACT (the one taking place in v1 of SOTF), so how is it David Jackson had him listed on his student list on the back of his map?
  • --Possible Explanation: He didn't know Sydney, but maybe he simply added his name to the list when he heard the First Announcement.
  • Plothole: Why is it that almost none of the Barry Coleson students recognized each other if they had presumably known each other outside the island for years?
  • Continuity: When Michael Suarez meets Lyndi Thibodeaux and Elsie Darroch at the School Building and he puts his kukri knife away it briefly turns into a butterfly knife. It turns back to the original weapon when Michael discards it.
  • Factual/Character error: When confronting Adam Dodd in Endgame, Jack O'Connor calls him a serial killer, but since SOTF is one event and not a series of murders over stretches of time, the correct term would be "mass murderer", this is both a Factual and Character error because Jack would have known the difference.
  • Factual error: During one topic, Adam (the character, not the handler) refers to the date as 2006. SOTF v1 takes place in 2005, with the game starting on June 19th and ending June 29th. This mistake was most likely due to author carelessness, since the post itself was written in 2006.
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