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Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0
Year of Origin 1932
Designer R.A. Lister
Builder R.A. Lister
Length 7' 8"
Livery Dark Green
Status In the process of being reassembled

Named after former company employee, Cyril Holland, Cyril is owned by the Murthwaite Locomotive Group, formerly named "Shabtrak", and is one of many industrial narrow gauge diesels built by R.A. Listers. It was used on a Peat Bog railway not far from Manchester and first preserved at the Moseley Industrial Narrow Gauge Museum, in Stockport, in its original form of an open sided cab and on 2' gauge.

When the engine arrived on the Ratty in 1985, the volunteers of "Shabtrak" used parts from another Lister locomotive and a 2 cylinder 12 horsepower Lister engine to rebuild it to 15" gauge, and fitte a new cab and bonnet, in the style of a Lister Blackstone RM2.

The engine now has full electrics, radio and air brake systems for working light passenger trains in emergencies, and in 1989 was re-engined with a 20 h.p. Lister engine to improve performance.

The livery of the loco will be unlined Lister green once again as it has recently arrived from being away getting a new body fitted by a friend of the railway.

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