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Wheel Arrangement 4-6-2
Year of Origin 1913
Year of Withdrawal 1927
Designer Henry Greenly
Builder Bassett-Lowke
Length 18' 7.25"
Liveries Red

Colossus, originally named John Anthony, was acquired from Captain Howey's 15" gauge line at Staughton Manor after he was captured during the war. It was a Bassett-Lowke Class 60 and arrived at Ravenglass in 1916.

She put in a tremendous amount of work on passenger trains and when Beckfoot quarry opened, was always on stand-by for the Heywood locos. After a collision in 1925 with Muriel, the engine had a full overhaul and worked up until the end of the 1927 season, when she was withdrawn and her chassis used in the construction of River Mite I. Her livery was red.

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