Bonnie Dundee

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Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie Dundee
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-2
Year of Origin 1900
Designer Dugald Drummond
Builder Kerr Stuart & Co.
Length 18' 0"
Livery Bronze Green
Status Available for static display, unservicable

Bonnie Dundee is a 0-4-2 tender engine that was desgined by Dugald Drummond and built by Kerr Stuart in 1900 for Dundee Gas Works, and it worked there until 1959. It was a 2' gauge locomotive until it arrived at the Ratty.

Ian Fraser, a friend of the railway, preserved the engine when the works closed and presented it to the line in 1976. In 1982, it emerged from the workshops with 15" gauge wheels and with tanks from the Heywood engine Ella. It also had an enclosed cab and an added pony truck at the rear. The original well tanks, however, were retained.

The smaller boiler fitted to the engine limits the amount of coaches on its trains, and in 1996 it was converted into a tender engine, and had outside Southern valve gear added to replace the former interior ones. The engine is economical for the lighter winter trains.

The locomotive is currently out of service, needing a new boiler. It is unlikely that it will ever steam again. The engine has a North British Railway Bronze Green livery, with black, yellow and red lining. Its usual driver was Martin Willey.

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