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Wheel Arrangement 4-4-4
Year of Origin 1910
Designer Henry Greenly/Bassett-Lowke
Builder Bassett-Lowke
Length 11' 1.5"
Livery Malachite Green
Status Stored in the Paint Shop, but Operable

Owned by Bob Tebb, Blacolvesley is the oldest workable internal combustion locomotive in the world. It is 96 years old and built by Bassett-Lowke utilising parts of Henry Greenly's Class 10 Atlantic locomotives. Originally, it was fitted with a NAG 12/14 h.p. engine, which was later replaced with an Austin 8 engine. However, the original transmission, gearbox and bevel drive all remain in use.

It was built for Charles Bartholomew of Blakesley Hall, but the engine has had a varied history. It was named "Elizabeth" and worked on the railway at Lightwater Valley up until 1994, although had been inoperable since the mid 1970s. When it arrived at Ravenglass, it was sucessfully restarted and operated in August 1994. It is now painted in its original colours once again and operates at gala events. The livery of the engine is Malachite Green.

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