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Possibly one of the best RPG maker/maintainer of all RR. Probably in the top five.

His Rise In Fame!

When ICBM was a young boy he discovered KoL and started dry humping it dry for all its meat. This made Jick mad, with all the meat he was making. So, Jick banned multi meat farming, and it's all ICBM's fault. He made hundreds of millions of meat which he used to feed the poor and make noobs feel lucky and shit like that.


A game people fight over each others' land, fun, joy, happiness, the moon, modding, ect.

The Legitimate Buisnessman's Club

A clan, made by ICBM in Kol where only the best of the best and some of the worst were alloud, best known members:

But the clan died along with the leaving of ICBM avast one of the best clans in the kingdom.

His Fall in Fame

ICBM became cocky with all of his RPGs and Money, he became annoying after a while and then quit KOL. He still went to the forums. He gave all of his meat and his account away to his closest friends and just some random people in chat. He has left the forums for an unknown reason, but some people miss him and hope he comes back soon.

He used to reside in what RR's sister forum The Abyss of Perpetual Darkness until (most recently) his internet went kaflooey and the forum went dead. Despite the efforts of I will eat your children and Kurian, the forum still today remains dead.

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