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Gameplay Discussion

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One of the other forums.


  • A place where the online game, Kingdom of Loathing, is discussed.
  • The bane of the Random Rambler's existance, like Crazy Frog.

Gameplay, the polar opposite of the Random Ramblings, is fiercely ridiculed by the RRer's regulars, except the few that choose to go there, like Introspection and Strong Bad's Fan. But they don't really understand cowbell, or why Cookiemancer can iron-fist anyone who challenges him to a real match of Dance Dance Revolution.



The origin of the Gameplay discussion roots from that stupid FOILAGE-less game, Kingdom of Loathing. When the game was created, the forum was placed under a different sub-category, Kingdom of Loathing forums, and many of the Random Rambler's iron fisters went away forever.. Unlike the asymmetric.net forums, which have much more SEXU, DESU, and FOILAGE, it focused on the game.


Unlike Random Ramblings, randomness is not liked and severly punished.Example- filling a post with DESU WANTS YOU IN HIS OFFICE could get you iron-fisted (in Gameplay terms, bannzored). A thread once existed whose purpose was to probe the Gameplay forum. The mission failed, and we now have many foilage-hating enemies, but the link is here. Gameplay is mostly full of threads regarding silly things like speed ascending, and clan rumpuses, and not penises or drama.

Sworn Enemies

  • Crawly: Quote on quote saying, "You lot are marginally more annoying and marginally less comprehensible than the Orz. Please go home. ". He's the Gameplay forum's major non-random police, and we demand that we SEXU him up to make him feel better about random. AMIRITE?
  • Bunyip Andler: "Please leave. I'm sorry, but I can't stand RR'ers." Efforts are being made to make him lose to us in a 1000 Blank White cards match, with cards like "Triangle Man: Lose A Turn".

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