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A Collaborative Project with Bassist159, and help from asst. others

Warstriders are purchased with the Artifact background as normal. However, when purchasing a warstrider, the character receives a number of points to divide among the warstrider's various systems, sub-systems and auxiliary abilities.

3 - 10 points. Costs 10 motes to Attune.
4 - 15 points. Costs 12 motes to Attune.
5 - 18 points. Costs 15 motes to Attune.

The points can be spent on the systems listed below. At least one point MUST be spent on Skin, Chassis and Class.

Most Warstriders are built on a basic humanoid design, and can wield two "external" artifact weapons. These weapons may be bought with points from buying the Warstrider, or as separate artifacts, with a cost equal to their normal artifact rating.

As normal, warstriders require a level three hearthstone to activate and power their internal systems. Up to their (Class rating) in additional hearthstones may be added as well, providing extra power for essence-powered weapons and auxiliary systems. These hearthstones provide an Essence pool equal to their total rating x 2 for the warstrider's systems. Additional means of generating essence may be added as auxiliary systems. Warstrider users can use their own Essence to power these additional features as well.

Warstriders require Resources equal to number of artifact points spent to buy them in order to maintain, as well as a work crew of people equal to the warstrider's (Class x 2) - its Chassis. The Warstrider has a Repair rating equal to its (Chassis +1), and requires maintenance after every (Class + Skin x 10) - (Chassis x 5) hours of normal use, or after 4 times that long in low-power mode.

New Merit: Merit: Second-Stage Warstrider Compatability (2 points, may be bought with BP or with Mutation points). The pilot is amongst the descendants of those the deliberative experimented upon in the attempts to develop the Ultimate Warstrider pilots. When placed in a Warstrider with basic controls, they suffer mobility penalties as if they were one size-class smaller. When piloting advanced control systems they may wave the Lore or Occult requirements for Machine Spirit Communication Systems.


[edit] Basic Warstrider Systems

[edit] Class

This determines the relative strength and power of the warstrider.

Class 1 - A "Scout" class Warstrider. Has Strength 10 and Health Track: -0/-1/-2/-2/-4/Broken.
Class 2 - A "Common" class Warstrider. Has Strength 12 and Health Track: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Broken.
Class 3 - A "Noble" class Warstrider. Has Strength 14 and Health Track: -0/-1/-1/-2 x 4/-4/Broken.
Class 4 - a "Royal" class Warstrider. Has Strength 16 and Health Track: -0/-1 x 4/-2 x 4/-4/Broken.
Class 5 - A "Colossus" class Warstrider. Has Strength 20 and Health Track: -0/-1 x 4/-2 x 8/-4/Broken.

[edit] Chassis

The chassis is the construction quality of the warstrider, usually determined by its level of mass production and when it was constructed.

1 - An average Second Age Warstrider. Adds 1 to all health levels on the track.
2 - A unique Second Age Warstrider, or average Shogunate Warstrider. Adds 2 to all health levels on the Track.
3 - A unique Shogunate Warstrider, or average High First Age Warstrider. Multiplies all health levels on the track by 2.
4 - A unique High First Age warstrider, built for one of the Celestial Exalted. Multiplies all health levels on the track by 3.
5 - A unique High First Age warstrider, built for one of the Solar Exalted. Multiplies all health levels on the track by 4.

[edit] Skin

Skin is the warstrider's soak.

1 - 16 Bashing Soak, 16 Lethal Soak. 8 Bashing Hardness, 8 Lethal Hardness.
2 - 20 Bashing Soak, 20 Lethal Soak. 10 Bashing Hardness, 10 Lethal Hardness.
3 - 24 Bashing Soak, 24 Lethal Soak. 12 Bashing Hardness, 12 Lethal Hardness.
4 - 26 Bashing Soak, 26 Lethal Soak. 13 Bashing Hardness, 13 Lethal Hardness.
5 - 30 Bashing Soak, 30 Lethal Soak. 15 Bashing Hardness, 15 Lethal Hardness.

[edit] Control System

There are two types of control systems available to warstriders, reflecting how the device is used.

"Normal" Control Systems have no cost, and are installed in every Warstrider produced since the end of the High First Age. Normal control systems treat the warstrider as a giant suit of armour. It has a Mobility penalty equal to its (Class + Skin)/2, and a Fatigue Rating equal to its (Class + Skin) - Chassis. However, it uses the user's own Dexterity to determine its movement and dice pools.

"Advanced" Control Systems were experimental during the high first age, and relied on a number of variant Essence-based remotes and cockpit styles. An Advanced control system costs 1 point and requires an additional level 1 Hearthstone be used to power the warstrider. The warstrider has no Mobility Penalty or Fatigue Rating, but uses its own Dexterity, equal to its Chassis score.

[edit] Secondary Systems

After the control systems are installed, any extra points can be bought to provide "space" for secondary systems - devices which, when installed, provide the warstrider with further capabilities.

1 - 5 points for Auxiliary Warstrider Systems.
2 - 7 points for Auxiliary Warstrider Systems.
3 - 9 points for Auxiliary Warstrider Systems.
4 - 15 points for Auxiliary Warstrider Systems.
5 - 20 points for Auxiliary Warstrider Systems.

[edit] Auxiliary Warstrider Systems

[edit] Universal Systems

[edit] Environmental Adaptation (*)

Purchased multiple times, each one allows for a different enviroment the machine can operate it. Examples are the southern deserts, the western oceans, the northern tundras, the mud hills of the blessed isle, and high altitudes.

Without any purchases, the Warstrider isn't protected against any specific environment, and ergo is prone to additional piloting or manuverability penalties due to sand in the gears, joints freezing, mud getting stuck in the gears, water logging, etc.

[edit] Weapon Hard-Points (*)

Purchased multiple times, each one allows for an additional weaponry hardpoint. Cannot be purchased higher than the lower of Class or Chasis. Without this, the Warstrider must rely on external weaponry.

[edit] Hanger System (**)

Requires Weapon Hardpoint *. Allows for two "small" hand-held weapons to be hidden and automatically deployed as a relexitive action on the Warstrider.

[edit] Essence Battery (* - *****)

Each purchase of this allows for the Warstrider to store 10 essence, which may be used to run the system or power weaponry and optional parts.

[edit] Awakened Intelligence (***-****)

As the "Intelligent Warstrider Ally" background in Wonders of the Lost Age.

[edit] Integrated Armor Docking (**)

Contributed by Coil
Requires: Advanced Controls. (Magical Material Core). This system allows the pilot to assume control of his warstrider through a complicated essence circuit between the warstrider and a suit of powered armour. This allows the user to seemlessly switch between the two modes (warstrider/power armour) as a reflexive action. Additionally, as long as the power armour is attuned and active, the attunement cost of the warstrider is reduced by the attunement cost of the power armour.

[edit] Escape Pod (**)

Requires Chasis **+. At the -4 or lower health level, the pilot is capable of making a reflexive (Dexterity + Athletics or Wits + Lore) roll, in order to jettison the warstrider core (Essence + Chasis) yards from the Warstrider.

[edit] Machine Spirit Communication System (***)

Requires Chasis **+, Advanced Control Systems, Pilot Lore or Occult ****. The Warstrider loses the need for a secondary Hearth Stone. In addition, it gets "Emergency" health levels (equivilant to the "dying" health levels) equal to the pilot's highest virtue. These additional health levels have no wound penalty.

[edit] Orbital Companion Sphere (****)

Requires: Advanced Controls. These spheres deploy from a special compartment in the warstrider when activated, and orbit the warstrider. Each orb has Soak equal to the warstrider, and seven health levels, with no penalties to their operation. Orbs have an effective DV against all attacks of 6. Each orb can be modified with one of the following combat options, which the pilot of the warstrider can use as part of a flurry of normal actions. Optionally, if equipped to a warstrider with an Awakened Intelligence, the orbs contain little gods suborned to the will of your warstrider, allowing them to operate as independent units on the battlefield. A Warstrider can only be equipped with two Orbital Companion Spheres.

[edit] Orbital Companion Sphere Subsystems

Warstrider Repair Orb - The Orb contains essence-based and alchemical repair systems which allow it to perform field repairs as a miscellaneous, Speed 6, DV -2 action. These field repairs restore one health level per use, or one health level per flurry that this ability is used in. Additionally, out of combat, it can restore one hour of operation time to a maximum of the Pilot or AI's Lore skill in hours per 4 hour rest period.

Combat Platform Orb - This Orb can contain any warstrider weapon, which can be used normally for attacks.

Defensive Essence Screen Orb - This Orb can project a hazy screen of Essence around the warstrider. It has an Essence Battery containing 20 motes. By spending 2 of these motes and taking a miscellaneous action, it can add +2 to all of the pilot's DVs. By spending 4 of these motes on Step 10 of an incoming attack, it reduces the post-soak damage of the attack by 2. These motes recharge at a rate of 2 motes per action in which the Essence Screen is not used.

[edit] God-Mind Unification System (****)

Prerequisites: Machine Spirit Communication System, God-Armor Interface, Awakened Intelligence. This system allows the pilot to expend 10 motes of Essence and 1 WP to merge completely with his warstrider's Awakened Intelligence for the remainder of the scene. Activating this device has an additional charge of 1 WP for mortals and Dragon-Blooded, and adds 1 to the Limit Break total of Solars, Lunars and Sidereals. While active, the warstrider pilot considers the warstrider's strength his own for all purposes, and uses his other stats normally. His Ability ratings are equal to the highest of his own or his warstrider's Awakened Intelligence, and he can use his AI's spirit charms as though he were a spirit. Additionally, the motes committed to activate the warstrider are no longer considered committed and can be restored normally. By spending 5 motes from either his own Essence pool or the Essence Battery system, the warstrider pilot may take an extra, non-flurryable attack action on his action at no multiple action penalty.

[edit] Air Systems

Air Systems deal largely with communications and awareness enhancement.

[edit] Radar (*+)

Radar allows for the ([Pilot's Essence] x 10) in circular detection. Each purchase allows for the following options: warstriders, awakened essence users, essence fluxes (such as seige weapons), massive organic creatures, and necrotic essence.

Additionally, if coupled with at least Awakened Intelligence ***, the radar can designate ally, enemy, and unknown. At Intelligence ****, they may add "non-combatant" as well.

At Intelligence *****, targets with known names or designations will be shown as such on the radar.

Drawback: Radars attuned for awakened essence users or essence fluxes are unable to function in manses or within (Manse Rating x 10) yards of one. Radards attuned for Necrotic Essence are unable to effectively pinpoint necrotic targets within a shadowland at night, and suffer penalties to do so during the day. Additionally, radars are mounted externally on the warstrider, and can be destroyed with a called shot doing more than the warstrider's Class in post-soak damage. By adding 1 to the cost, this can be made internal instead.

[edit] Communications System (*+)

The Warstrider's pilot is capable of communicating with other members of it's unit via internal radio system. The radio has (rating x 20) yards range. For an additional *, the radio may be capable of the following: secure transmissions (raising the difficulty to listen in on by two for every purchase), open transmission (warstrider is capable of transmitting to radios within range, not just it's own squad), and broadcasting (warstrider is equipped with loudspeaker system that is capable of broadcasting the message to those outside the warstrider for 20 yards around them).

[edit] Commanding Warlord Matrix (***)

Requires: Communications System (*+), Orichalcum Core. This system amplifies the user's Essence, doubling the Magnitude of units that they're able to affect with War, Presence, Performance, Charisma or Manipulation charms.

[edit] Pattern Sensor (***)

Requires: Starmetal Core, Radar (*+). This system increases the effectiveness of a warstrider's radar system, allowing the user to view the vagaries of Fate as they apply to the battle at hand in a handy three-dimensional imaging sphere. This adds 3 to all War and Craft (Fate) rolls made by the warstrider pilot to affect the outcome of the battle.

[edit] Careful Searching Ear Array (*)

Requires: Communications System. This device allows the warstrider to tap into essence-based communications used by enemy forces - including charms that allow distant communication. This requires a Wits + Lore roll at standard difficulty by the warstrider pilot. Additionally, warstriders equipped with this system can "jam" essence-based communications, adding a 1m surcharge to the cost of using all such powers and artifacts for every mote spent by the pilot.

[edit] Falconer's Eye Matrix (**)

Requires: Fire Control System (*+), Communication System (*+). This device allows the warstrider to communicate targeting data to anyone capable of receiving communications through their powered armour or possession of a magitech Artifact 1 comm receiver. This data allows the users to add the warstrider's Fire Control System bonus to their ranged attacks, for as long as the warstrider "paints" the target with an essence-based locater. Painting a target requires a miscellaneous action, and the connection is broken if the pilot uses his Dodge DV or takes damage from an attack.

[edit] Earth Systems

Earth Systems deal primarily with protection, but also including numerous engineering and non-combat systems, and tactical subsystems.

[edit] Primal Armor (***)

Requires: Essence Battery *. Cost: 10m. The warstrider adds (Class + Chasis) to all soaks. Keyword: Obvious.

[edit] Battlefield Engineering System (*-*****)

Cost: 3m/scene. The warstrider adds this device's Rating to all Craft (Earth) rolls made by the warstrider pilot.

[edit] Tactical Imaging System (***)

Requires: Radar (*+), Communication System (*+), Fire Control System (*+). This device projects targeting and tactical information to allied units with either magitech powered-armour or an Artifact * Tactical Imaging Receiver. This adds 3 dice to any War rolls made by the pilot or anyone he can communicate with.

[edit] Essence Particle Field (** or ****)

Requires (Magical Material) Core. Cost: 4m/8m. Duration: One Scene. At the lower level, this power disables the firing systems on all Essence Weapons at the mass combat scale within (Pilot's Essence) yards of the Warstrider. At the higher level, this effects all essence-based Seige and Warstrider weapons, as well as Radios, and Radars.

[edit] Essence-Dampening Matrix (***)

Requires: Essence Particle Field. Cost: Varies. Duration: One Scene. Keyword: Obvious. While active, this device dampens the available Essence-fields in an area. The cost of all charms and the committment cost of all artifacts is increased by 1 for every 2 motes spent when activating this device.

[edit] Variable Armor System (* - **)

Requires: Chasis **. This effectively adds two levels per dot to the Warstrider's Skin rating, but also inflicts a -2 Mobility penalty and reduces all movement rates by two per dot. This additional protecting and weight can be dropped as a reflexive action. It requires (Rating) hours to reattach the armor.

[edit] Fire Systems

Fire Systems deal largely with mobility enhancement and in-combat movement systems.

[edit] Boost (*/**)

Requires Essence Battery *. At the first level, this is the Quick Boost - allowing the Warstrider to make a dash action at the cost of 3m. At the second rank, this allows for both the Quick Boost and the Overboost, which costs 3m an action, and reflexively places the Warstrider's speed at dash, with no penalty.

[edit] Naval Combat Mobility System (**)

Requires: Boost (*+), Otherwise per "Naval Combat Mobility System" in Wonders of the Lost Age.

[edit] Aquatic High Speed Propulsion System (*)

Requires: Deep Sea Combat Mobility System, otherwise operates as per Wonders of the Lost Age.

[edit] Flight Systems (**-*****)

Requires: Boost (*+). Otherwise as per "Wonders of the Lost Age".

[edit] Graceful Swallow Engine (**)

Contributed by Coil Requires: Flight Systems. This system generates a pair of long, thin essence wings that increase the maneuverability of flying warstriders to truly amazing levels. Add +3 to all rolls made to maneuver while in-flight, and increase the DV bonus of Flight Systems by 2.

[edit] Diving Falcon Matrix (**)

Requires: Graceful Swallow Engine, Boost (**). This uses the warstrider's overboost engine to provide a significant boost to the warstrider's aerial speed, allowing the warstrider to travel at triple its normal max speed. While traveling at this incredible rate, the warstrider cannot maneuver.

[edit] Armor-Bouying Essence Matrix (*)

Requires: Flight Systems. These add-ons to the basic flight package allow the warstrider to hover in mid-air as well as fly.

[edit] Water Systems

Water Systems deal with adaptation and stealth systems for warstriders.

[edit] Deep Sea Combat Mobility System (***)

Requires: Environmental Adaptation (Water), otherwise operates as per "Wonders of the Lost Age"

[edit] Elemental Stealth System (**)

Requires: Environmental Adaptation (Any), as per "Wonders of the Lost Age", only operates for environments for which the system possesses an Environmental Adaptation.

[edit] Essence Cloak (***)

Requires: Essence Battery (*+), otherwise as per "Wonders of the Lost Age". Cannot be installed in a Class 1 or 2 Warstrider without the addition of a level 2 Air or Lunar aspected hearthstone.

[edit] Chameleon Shell (****)

Requires: Moonsilver Core, otherwise as per "Wonders of the Lost Age"

[edit] (Element)-Hardening Matrix (***)

Requires: Environmental Adaptation (Any). This enhances environmental adaptation, allowing the warstrider to operate in impossibly adverse conditions related to the element in question and negating all environmental damage from such sources. With this charm, a warstrider can survive complete submersion in lava, or standing in the middle of a hurricane or tornado, various bio-organic acids, and so forth.

[edit] Chaos Quelling Pattern Array (****)

This device enhances the warstrider's ability to deal with the chaotic energies of the Wyld, protecting both armour and pilot from any sort of direct change to their form while in the Wyld.

[edit] Warden's Perfect Armor Matrix (****)

This device enhances the warstrider's ability to deal with the numerous alien threats of Malfeas. Should the warstrider ever find itself in Malfeas, it and its pilot are immune to environmental damage from Malfean sources.

[edit] Terrible Form Adaptation (***)

Requires: Moonsilver Core. This system allows the warstrider to take on the form of its pilot's True animal form. When doing so, it must be piloted by someone who is in that form, as the kinesthetics alter significantly. It cannot use weapons which are not mounted, but do gain natural weapons appropriate to its new form, with their stats listed in the box below.

Accuracy +2
Defense +2
Damage + (Pilot's Essence + 5)L
Rate 3

[edit] Wood Systems

Wood Systems include repair systems, as well as systems designed to assist warstriders on extended operations. Additionally, wood systems enhance the warstrider's accuracy and combat effectiveness.

[edit] (Magical Material) Core (**)

Requires: Essence Battery (*+). A core of magical material has been built into the warstrider, making it easier for Exalts of the type associated with that material to attune to the warstrider. This reduces the attunement cost of the warstrider for the appropriate type of Exalt by 5 motes.

[edit] Bloodthirsty General Invigoration Array (**)

Requires: Soulsteel Core. This device allows the warstrider to recharges its Essence battery using necrotic energies. Any time the warstrider deals damage to an individual or mass combat unit, it regains essence equal to (the number of health levels lost by the target) x 2.

[edit] Elemental Essence Collection Array (*-****)

Requires: Jade Core. This device allows the warstrider to recharge its Essence battery using elemental energies. At any time, the warstrider's pilot may take a miscellaneous action to restore the (Array's Rating) x 2 Essence to the essence battery, as long as it's in contact with substantial amounts of air, earth, fire, water or wood.

[edit] Fire Control System (* - *****)

Requires: Radar. This device's Rating acts as an internal bonus to the Accuracy of any ranged weapon used by the warstrider.

[edit] Genesis-Strider (****)

Requires: Chassis 3+. The warstrider includes multiple organic components designed with Craft: Genesis, allowing it to restore health levels as though it were a normal mortal, and making it a valid target for restorative medicine charms. This system reduces the maintenance costs of the Warstrider by 1, but requires that the attending technician have Medicine 2.

[edit] Essence-Repair Array (***)

Requires: Genesis-Strider. This adds special alchemical formulae, coursing through the warstrider's "veins" to increase its regenerative capacity, allowing it to restore health levels as though it were an Exalt. This system also reduces the maintenance costs of the warstrider by 1, cumulative with the benefit from Genesis-Strider, but also adds the requirement of Craft: Genesis 2 and Occult 3 to be able to maintain it.

[edit] God-Armor Interface (***)

Requires: (Magical Material) Core. This device amplifies the effects of Aegis Inset Amulets, allowing mortals to use them to attune fully to warstriders. This has commiserate deleterious effects on the mortal's lifespan however.

[edit] Reconnaissance Field Kit (*)

Contributed by Coil
The Reconnaissance Field Kit is a package of materials installed in a storage container attached to the Warstrider. It contains the following items:

  • 100ft jade-steel alloyed cable, capable of supporting the warstrider's weight and assisting in climbing or rappelling while in the Warstrider. It includes an auto-winch for easy storage, which can also be used to pull objects no heavier than an average human to the warstrider. Add 1 die to any Athletics roll made for climbing while in the warstrider.
  • Waypoint Beacons. These beacons can be tuned to a variety of Essence "frequencies", making them useful for marking important or interesting areas in a region. Add 2 dice to any War or Survival rolls made by the pilot of a warstrider with a Radar system capable of picking up the Beacon's frequency.
  • Joint-Softening Oil. This special alchemical mixture, when applied to the joints of a warstrider, reduces the noise of operation. In normal use mode, this adds +1 to the difficulty of all hearing-based Awareness rolls to detect the warstrider. In power-saver mode, this increases the difficulty by +3.

[edit] New Warstrider Weapons

[edit] Mounted Weapons

[edit] Beautiful Thrashing Plumage (Artifact **)

Contributed by Coil
This weapon system requires a Graceful Swallow Engine and one Weapon Mount. Consisting of long strips of cloth reinforced with razor-edged magical material blades, this weapon is deployed along the essence-form of the wings produced by the Graceful Swallow Engine, allowing the pilot to use these wings as deadly weapons.

The Beautiful Thrashing Plumage uses normal stats for a daiklave of its magical material type, with the following modifications:

speed -1  acc +2  dam +2L  def +1 rate +1

It can only be activated while in flight, with the Graceful Swallow Engine deployed.

[edit] Reaction Blade (Artifact ****)

This weapon requires one Weapon Mount to be added to a warstrider. Mounted on the wrist of the warstrider, the reaction blade produces a short-lived, controlled essence explosion that takes the rough shape of a daiklave blade. Many pilots consider the weapon a premiere defensive weapon, as the concussive force of the explosion is excellent for deflecting incoming attacks, and the weapon itself does sufficient damage for close-in work. The weapon does have some drawbacks in terms of power draw, however. Each time the blade is used to attack or defend, the pilot or the warstrider must spend 2 motes of essence reflexively to spark the reaction that creates the blade. On the up side, the weapon cannot be disarmed. Additionally, any time the weapon is used as part of a Counterattack, the counterattack is considered unexpected.

Many First Age Designs included a "Warblade Burst Lens" that allowed the pilot to launch the blade as a mid-range missile weapon. These devices increased the Artifact cost of the blade to 5.

[edit] Reaction Blade (Melee)

Accuracy +4
Speed 4
Defense +3
Damage +12L
Rate 1
Tags P

[edit] Reaction Blade (Warblade Burst)

Speed 5
Accuracy +2
Damage 20L
Rate 1
Range 75
Tags P, F

[edit] Star-Fire Arrow Launchers (**-****)

Developed during the high First Age, Star-Fire Arrows are similar in many ways to rockets. Each one is built with a small core of jade, however, designed to resonate with essence-sensors that many First Age warstriders were equipped with. This allowed pilots to "lock-on" their missile volleys to ensure maximum damage. Rather than using Dexterity + Archery for the attack roll, Star-Fire Arrow Launchers use Intelligence + Lore, adding the target's dots in permanent Essence as a bonus to Accuracy due to their increased "Essence shadow" on the Warstrider's Radar. Star-Fire Arrow Launchers can be mounted in pods of 10 missiles per Weapon Mount, and require that the Warstrider be equipped with a functional radar.

There are three different types of Star-Fire Arrows - Man-Threshers, which are designed for anti-infantry deployment, Wall-Crushers which are designed for tearing down enemy fortifications, and Behemoth-Slayers, which are designed for taking down large, hardened targets such as behemoths and other warstriders. Their stats are listed below:

Man-Threshers (** per mount; replacement missiles can be purchased for Resources ***)
Accuracy +(variable, see above; Requires Radar with Essence feature)
Damage 15L
Rate 3
Range 150
Notes: Man-Threshers explode with a radius of 50 yards, and do 7L fire-based Environmental Damage to 
every unit caught in the explosion on the following mass combat tick (if in personal combat, it                         deals 7L every 5 ticks for 30 ticks.
Wall-Crushers (***; replacement missiles can be purchased for Resources ****)
Accuracy +5 (Accuracy +0 against non-static targets)
Damage 20L (Double damage when used to attack an object)
Rate 1
Range 150
Tags: P
Behemoth-Slayers (****; replacement missiles can be purchased for Resources *****)
Accuracy + (variable, must be able to detect Essence signatures)
Damage 30L
Rate 5
Range 300
Tags: P

[edit] Non-Mounted Weapons

[edit] Dragon's Tooth Spitfire (Artifact ****)

This weapon was designed in the early Shogunate period to bring the principles of Dragon's Tooth magitechnology to the grace and power of warstriders, creating a huge, multi-barreled weapon that can be mounted on a weapon mount or held in one of the Warstrider's hands.

These weapons use Archery, but do not benefit from magical material bonuses do to their inherently composite nature.

Repair Rating 4
Speed 6
Accuracy +3
Damage As Ammo + 10L
Range 125
Rate 4
Tags 2, B

[edit] Dragon's Tooth Hanger-Gun (Artifact ***)

A fairly common hanger-mounted weapon for warstriders with that feature, this small cannon fits easily into one of the Warstrider's hands.

Repair Rating 3
Speed 5
Accuracy +4
Damage As Ammo + 8L
Range 150
Rate 2
Tags B

[edit] Dragon's Tooth Strider-Cannon (Artifacts ****)

This heavy weapon was made to punch through armour and destroy other warstriders on the battlefield, a job it does very effectively.

Repair Rating 4
Speed 6
Accuracy +4
Damage As Ammo + 13L
Range 200
Rate 1
Tags 2, B, P

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