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The Libertarian Party is the currently largest party in Liberalia with ten members nations.


[edit] Members

The chairman is Fishyguy, while the vice chairman is Prez. Other members are former party leaders False Light and Cooperative People. Other members are Shimurasaki, Golgora, TripleKo, kalymnos65, Arthuria and Haelhan.

[edit] Population

Together the ten Libertarian Party members have at least 13.632 billion inhabitants.

Pos. Namn Population
1 Shimurasaki 3.343 billion
2 TripleKo 2.290 billion
3 False Light 1.805 billion
4 Haelhan 1.800 billion
5 Fishyguy 1.787 billion
6 Cooperative People 1.072 billion
7 Golgora 584 million
8 Prez 439 million
9 kalymnos65 337 million
10 Arthuria 175 million

(numbers from October 22nd, 2006)

[edit] History

The Libertarian Party has its roots in the Independence Party of Liberalia, chairmaned by Haelhan. Under Four Hectares, the Independence Party transitioned into the Libertarian Party. Four Hectares wrote the original manifesto in February of 2006, which remains largely intact. The manifesto was amended in July of 2006 to reflect the party's new leadership and changing views.

[edit] Manifesto of the Libertarian Party of Liberalia

The Libertarian Party believes the answer to Liberalia’s political questions is the same commitment to freedom that originally earned the region its greatness: a free market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this region above all others; and a foreign policy of peace and free trade. Left-wingers want government to be your mother; right-wingers want government to be your father. The Libertarian Party wants to treat you like an adult. Bottom line – we are for smaller government, fewer taxes and more freedoms.

[edit] Taxation

The Libertarian Party would establish a 12% regional sales tax as a means of income for the regional government. All other taxes, including but not limited to income and estate taxes, would be abolished. By abolishing the income tax, citizens will have more money to spend, creating a greater demand for goods and services and thus improving the regional economy.

How can we afford such a drastic tax cut? By cutting government spending, of course! Where inefficient government bureaucrats squander tax dollars on state-run programs and lose money, hard-working private individuals deliver strong profits and create new jobs.

The Libertarian Party would never waste tax money bailing out bankrupt corporations, creating welfare programs or attempting to run industries which would be better suited to private ownership. Liberalia deserves better.

[edit] Tariffs

The Libertarian Party would abolish all tariffs, including those on extra-regional goods. We would permit free trade between the nations of Liberalia and all other peaceful regions. We believe that free trade and specialization are two of the most important tools in ensuring the economic success of the region.

We will not however, trade with any regions Liberalia is officially at war with.

[edit] Industry

The Libertarian Party would take a very limited approach to regulation of businesses in Liberalia. We would permit a minimum wage law, to be adjusted over time according to inflation, for the sake of preventing worker oppression. However, we would work to keep the minimum wage rate economical for businesses, keeping a close eye on the labor market. Minimum wage laws represent a price ceiling; if the rate is set too high, it will actually increase unemployment and ruin the regional economy.

Other labor laws the Libertarian Party supports include:

Anti-Discriminatory Laws – Determination of employment on the basis of religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, race or skin color is unacceptable.

Mandatory Notice – All full-time workers over the age of 18 must be given a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to being laid-off.

Safety - All workers have the right to work in a safe workplace. The Libertarian Party believes that it is the responsibility of individual member nations to inspect workplaces within their countries and to order any necessary repairs or closures.

Child Labor - A basic set of labor laws regulating the employment of minors should be put into practice, as schooling should be the primary focus of all Liberalian children. The Libertarian Party does recognize that part-time employment plays an important role in the lives of many teenagers and, as such, it should be permitted, with a few reservations.

[edit] Education

Proper education is critical to success in life. The Libertarian Party would implement & enforce strict standards for all Liberalian public schools. Individual member nations would be free to implement their own curriculums, provided they at least meet the minimum regional standards.

Because education is important, students should not be permitted to drop out of grade school until they reach the age of majority, which is generally recognized as 18 years of age.

Parents have the right to determine where to send their children to school, regardless of whether it is a public or private institution. All religions have the right to establish their own faith-based schools, but in the interest of separating church and state, they should receive no public funding.

A college/university education is rapidly becoming a minimum requirement for many skilled jobs. The Libertarian Party would strongly encourage all qualified students to attend either a university or a trade school upon graduation from grade school.

In addition to the regional sales tax, education would be funded through a region-wide lottery, with 50% of ticket sales going towards public education.

[edit] Health

We do not support the creation of a regional healthcare system. It would be up to individual member nations to decide whether or not to provide subsidized healthcare to their citizens.

We support a policy of national sovereignty on the ‘hot button’ issues of recreational drug use and abortion. We would leave it up to individual member nations to decide these issues themselves, rather than enforce a region-wide mandate. However, the Libertarian Party generally supports the decriminalization of soft drugs such as marijuana, as well as a woman’s right to choose.

[edit] Environment

The Libertarian Party would encourage individual member nations to review their environmental policies regularly in an effort to reduce overall pollution levels and the effect of climate change. We would not, however, support or enforce any region-wide mandates regarding the environment.

[edit] Foreign Affairs

The Libertarian Party would take an isolationist approach to foreign wars. We would oppose any attempts by the Liberalian government to attack regions which did not attack us. We would, however, support a strong military & an intelligence program for the purposes of regional defense.

We would actively search for new allies and partner regions to expand Liberalia's influence throughout the NS world, provided said regions met the minimum regional qualifications for diplomatic relations.

We would grant political asylum to all nations who requested it.

[edit] Religion

The Libertarian Party believes that religion has no place within government. All religious groups should be allowed to practice their faith, but are expected to do so in a peaceful, law-abiding manner.

[edit] Justice/Crime

The Libertarian Party is the party of personal responsibility. Anyone who harms another person must be held responsible for their actions.

We believe in ending the early release of all violent criminals and actually enforcing the full sentences which criminals have been given. Prison should be a punishment, not a system which rewards good behavior.

We will fight tooth and nail for the right to self defense. Private ownership of firearms is a key to solving crime problems, not the root of the problem as many others would have you believe. Thus, all law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own firearms, provided they take and pass a proper firearm safety & training course. Anyone convicted of a violent offense would have this right revoked for life.

We do not support the death penalty. We feel it is an easy way out of long-term punishment. The worst of offenders (those convicted of first-degree murder and rape) would be recommended for a maximum sentence of life in prison, without parole, to be served in a maximum security prison. There, they should have plenty of time to consider the lives of those they have victimized.

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