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This is a wiki dedicated to Le Chateau Residence Club. Le Chateau was a USCA run co-op until 2005 when it was reconfigured to be more mature graduate housing. Its 3 houses reside on the corner of Hillegass and Parker in Berkeley's Southside neighborhood.

The houses are North House, Main House and South House. There is also a Carriage House, a pool, a bike shed and a garden.

The capacity of Chateau is 81. You did not have to be a UC student to live at Chateau, but you did have to be a student. This was reasonably easy to fake at the local community colleges.

People that didn't pay or have a room, but lived their nonetheless were known as "fish". This term arose because there was an official "no pets" policy, but aquariums were allowed. So when discussing unofficial residents during house meetings, whose minutes were public, they were referred to as fish. Those who I remember most vividly are: Blueberry Aaron, Smiley and Bottleneck. There was also a fish named Big Tom, and also wasn't David also a fish? Big Tom most notoriously hung from a hammock off of the top of the roof where he slept.

Chateau was ruled by house council. There was a president and a vice president for council, but the actual day to day runnings were done by the House Manager (and other managers such as Work Shift, Kitchen, Maintenance or Social).

Each person was responsible for 5.5 hours of "work shifts" (chores) per week to help maintain the low living costs. This was overlooked by the Work Shift Manager. Besides cheap living, the hours instilled a community atmosphere. Dinner was cooked by a weekly rotating set of people each day. There were gardening, cleaning, cooking dinner, soda machine re-filler, snack, living room, dining room, hummus maker, pool cleaner, etc, shifts with set hours for each shift. Yucky duties, like the fun and messy kitchen Hell Night (which was every Sunday) and doing the bathrooms were on a fair and rotating rota.

I don't know all of the details but I am hoping that this page can bring together as many Chateauvians as possible for reconnection and memory sharing.

Smooth Sailing Through Chateau: Your Co-op Owner's Manual

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