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I changed "Neo-Bolchevik SPD (True Marxists)" to Bolshevik SPD (Marxist-Leninist). There's no need for them to be a "neo" philosophy, especially if they're hardcore Marxists - and this way we can bring back the spectre of Lenin and the authoritarian Russian revolutionaries. I also made a slight grammar change to Centre's description to sound better in English. Finally, we need to think a bit harder about the Grossdeutsch Volkspartei - outside the Weimar context I doubt all these Nazi's would have turned to extremes, we should instead find some of the nasty little anti-semitics who existed in the real history of the 2nd Reich. Also, it's really a party established for the unification of German Austria and Sudetenland, with the potential to turn to extremism... - Evans

I've also totally revamped the stuff about the German constitution and the power of the Reichstag/Bundesrat/Reich Government. I did an essay on it last year ;) - Evans EDIT: Well, I did anyway, but it appears to have disappeared.

I agree that the Grossdeutche Volkspartei only has the possibility to become extremist. Also their policy towards the Czechs should be clarified - Kaiser Crush3r


I think it's done, now.

Private Army?

Would the Großdeutsche Volkspartei really have their own Stromtroopers in the Kaiserreich timeline. These militias were a result of the unstable situation in the OTL german revolution, but I doubt that the Kaiser's government would tolerate armed political groups... -Andromedos

Yes, you got the point, I was only writing this in order to make a reference to Röhm's SA. I'm deleting this right now.

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