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Thatkidsam E-Mail #3

Thatkidsam got robbed. Bonk will see about that!

Cast (in order of appearance): Icreature, Vintage Video Game Dealer, Thatkidsam, Bonk-Bats

Places: Masdiktaht Jet

Template:Thatkidsam Comp

Date: March 10th, 2005

Lines: 30


{It is night. Icreature is a pile of goo on the ground. You can see eyes out the window. A guy suddenly breaks in and steals the Turbo Grafx, then runs away. Icreature wakes up.}

ICREATURE: (Thatkidsam! That vintage video game dealer stole your 16!)

{Thatkidsam is still asleep.}

ICREATURE: (Come on, wake up!) {Morphs into an alarm clock and goes off.}

THATKIDSAM: Unh... What? That guy from the store? Little does he know, I have a tracking device on it! {Yawns} Fly, my Bonk-Bats! Follow this sonar and find my system! {Opens a huge cage of Bonks with wings, and tosses them a scanner gun}

{The Bonk-Bats fly off, not making a sound}

THATKIDSAM: Oh well, I'll just open my filing cabinet and get a new one for the time being. {Opens a huge vault of systems, grabs a Turbo Grafx 16}

{Cut to Thatkidsam answering an email.}

THATKIDSAM: {Inserts the E-Mail card and turns it on} Okay, let's try a little bit of this...


Hey d00d
r us 1337?1111
-teh graystone man

{Reads as "Hey doad, are us one thousand three hundred thirty seven? One one one one, Teh Graystone Man}

THATKIDSAM: Wow, that was a useless email. If you wanna see a leet person, go see The Leet! He's over at Bubs'. I know how to do this. A digga. A digga digga. A diggity diggity-

{Thatkidsam attempts to jump up and press the DELETED! button, but Icreature forms a ceiling over his head.}

ICREATURE: (Why don'cha show him all those leet things you made? You know, with Bonk, and Zonk, and, uh, sandwiches...)

THATKIDSAM: I hate it how you always make emails longer! Anyway, SimSanwich was my only working game, no thanks to you, Icreature!

ICREATURE: (Meep!) {Disappears into nothingness, or the kitchen, whichever sounds more reasonable}

THATKIDSAM: But I did make this giant statue of Bonk in front of my house!

{The camera shows a plane with a statue of Bonk attatched to one wing.}

THATKIDSAM: And I did make those Bonk-Bats, right?

{Cut to the Bonk-Bats headbutting the Vintage Video Game Dealer into oblivion.}

THATKIDSAM: And, that's about it, really... I'm really not that leet.

{Several Turbo Grafx U-Cards line up at the top of the screen displaying the message "Click Here to E-Mail Thatkidsam @ [email protected]"}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on about it to see the couch.

{Thatkidsam is still sitting in it, sleeping. It suddenly closes on him.}


ICREATURE: (You stay there while I'm eating all of your mushroom tops, kay?)


  • Click on leet to see Thatkidsam's ultimate creation, the Trapper & Keeper Hologram Clock!

Fun Facts

  • The Leet is an actual character.
  • The couch closed in the easter egg because it showed us in sandwich that it is shaped like a Sega Saturn.

Author's Comments

  • Rating: D+
  • Meh... This email was okay, but it was like Strong Bad's emails: It always strays off topic. His are funny, but I didn't stray it to a very interesting other topic.

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