Say I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die!

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Welcome to 20X6 Galaxy!



20X6 Galaxy is an interactive typing RPG game. The game takes place on planets in the 20X6 solar system (including Planet K).

Choose a character

Pick a character or ad your own. Hovever, when you add a character, it haves to be a 20X6 character. If you want to have a fake 20X6 character added to the list, put it under the requests. Click on a characters name to see their stats.


Want a 20X6 character in the game? Request here!

  • 1-Down
  • Stinkario
  • Stinkovader (Stinkoman in 30X2. Or maybe in costume)
  • Jaro



Depending on which character you choose. Your stats will be different.

Learn how the battle system works HERE.

Learn about leveling up HERE.

Here is a list of items and badges you can earn in areas and shops HERE.

Planets (Areas)

You can add your own planets, but ask me if it's okay first and you cannot be on two planets at the same time.

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