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Hosted by Aussie Evil

Announced by Kagome (plays Elly on BS)

Welcome to the WIKIWOOD SQUARES! Sign up at the talk page like this:

*(Name) - I want to be (The (position) Square/a Contestant)

Our intro is gonna change with episode 5! Take A Look!

Rules Addition: Contestants must add "for the block" / "for the win" when selecting a square to block/win.

Square Vocabulary


Episode One - Princess Homestar won!
Episode 2 -Pre-empted
OCE Episode - Imitation Strong Bad won the main game and the bonus round!
Episode 4- Ended, restart game is below
Episode 4.5- Finished.
Episode 5- Getting Ready!


File:WikiWood Squares FotW.png
Fanstuff of the Week
File:SO GOOD! - "SO GOOD!" image.png
The very first "SO GOOD!" rated with the SO GOOD! rating system.
The Golden Cinderblock.
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