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Attention Peoples! Homestarmy Men Online 2 is now playable (barely)! Please upgrade!
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We won the FotW!
We won the great Game Award!
We got some kind of other award!


Special Notice!

We have officially won Fanstuff of the Week! Hopefully it will motivate others to join. Maybe it won't. But, anyway, we won! Yay!

And we won the Great Interactive Game Award! I'd have like to be notified that I won, but... what the heck. Who cares? --User:The Mu/sig 12:54, 8 Sep 2005 (MDT)

And then we won the Super Six! Geez, I'm just raking in the rewards! --User:The Mu/sig 20:13, 28 March 2006 (UTC)

How to Play

This walkthrough will have you into the world of Homestarmy Men Online in minutes!

First, choose a 'Starmyname and choose whether you are in the Homestarmy or the Strongstarmy. You can post your username and Army in the 'Starmyname Database.

Second, choose a world. The worlds are listed at the end. (Feel free to create a World or Server using these instructions. Last updated by The Mu 09:18, 20 Apr 2005 (MDT))

At the top of the World Pages are a description of the Items that you can use to achieve your goal, which is to create UTTER CHAOS (Be sure to edit this section as you manipulate objects)! The middle panel has a description of the actions taken by each of the users. At the bottom is talk from BOTH teams.

So, choose a World and go!

Penalty System

Because the War is falling apart, I have issued a penalty system applying to players fighting in wars. Please see this for more details. (Last updated by The_Mu 11:28, 18 Apr 2005 (MDT))

Name Templates

As I see users are making templates, I realize it's a good idea. I won't place restrictions on already-made name templates, but the template should be

{{your userpage/HMO}}


{{HMO/your username}}

Just type in whatever you would normally type in. Thank you. --Da M-izz-uTizzalk 12:46, 23 May 2005 (MDT)

Benifits of signing up for a 'Starmyname


Look below! Template:HMOTemplate:FotW Icon

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