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Watch Homestar answer your emails in Flash! Current Emails

4 - angry -- watch
3.5 - fluffypuffs -- watch
3 - instrument -- watch
2 - compy -- watch
1 - worst email -- watch

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What are Homestar Emails?

Homestar Emails are like "Other Character Emails" that use Homestar, but instead of just being transcripts they're actually made in Flash. Drop Homestar an email at the link below, or use the Wiki Sender (also below)!



  • Somehow while I wasn't looking Homestar Emails jumped from being 41st most popular page on the wiki to 25th (not counting system and navigation pages, like Main Page, or Flash Fanstuff)! Wow! People are really into this Flash stuff, huh? Even though I haven't updated in months. Well, for being so awesome and loyal I promise to get crackin on my HRemail 3 ReVamp, and then start new emails again.

4/19/06 (well, almost)

  • Ooh. Payload. A pair of half eaten Choco-Pants. That pretty much sums up HREmails' latest award. Coolness, huh? I promise a new email soon. F'real.


  • So guys, what's going on? I'm still waiting here. I'm thinking of doing my own voices. I know what you're all thinking, but my voice has gotten deeper since back when I made Email 1. And I have access to a better mic. One that doesn't go all "Sci Fi Music" on me (as Joshua would say). Guess we'll have to just see what happens.
  • I finally fixed up the ComMax Blockquote style, now that users are allowed to edit the Blockquotes. Coolness, eh?

Email Homestar Runner

To Email Homestar, just send an email addressed to [email protected] or click on the red white and blue paper at the end of each email.

NEW: Now you can drop Homestar a line without ever touching an email client! Wiki Sender!


Tandy 600x - Homestar used this computer up until Email 3. Tandy 600x terminals, while safe against explosions, unlike their older counterparts (the Tandy 400 series), are weak against forceful blows such as hammer strikes. Although they can be repaired after a forceful strike, their life expectancey after that is not very long.
ComMax - After Email 3 Homestar went to the Computer Store and bought this computer, the Compy ComMax. Its design includes a slick black plasma monitor with the word ComMax written on it in blue lettering. It can display Blue, White, and Red text and images.


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