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Hello and welcome to the Character Popularity graph! This wondrous little graph will show you who truly is the most/least popular in the Homestar Runner universe!


How To Enter

This is how you should enter your opinion into the graph.

  • Go to the "discussion" part of this page.
  • Post your favorite characters in order. (You just show the order of all 12 main characters, 1st favorite, then 2nd, then 3rd, etc.)
  • Wait for Ju Ju Master to find your post. He will add the info to the chart and then delete your post in the "discussion" area. If you want to know someone's favorite list after it got deleted, use the "history" tab to find it.
  • Your name will be added to the "Contributors" section below.
  • If you wish to change your favorites, post your new list and your old list in the "discussion" sections. Ju Ju Master will find it and make the changes in the graph.
  • If you see a mistake in the graph, contact Ju Ju Master.


  • You must be signed in to vote.
  • Sign your post with your real username.
  • You can only vote once.
  • You must give a complete list of all 12 main characters in the correct order of favorites for your vote to count.
  • No favorites that are outside the ring of main characters are allowed in this graph.
  • For now, only Ju Ju Master is allowed to edit this page, with the exception of minor spelling and grammar fixings. All other editings will be reverted. Post only in the "discussion" area. This is to keep out all you bad people out there from messing up the graph.

How It Works

In this graph, each character gets "popularity points." When someone lists their favorite characters, whoever is first will get 11 popularity points. Second gets 10, third gets 9, all the way down to 0 points for last place. The popularity points for each character are added up and whichever character has the most is first place in overall popularity, and so on and so forth.

Character Popularity Graph

File:Character pop graph.png

Character Popularity Graph: Raw Data

Most Popular Character: Homestar Runner!

In the Raw Data Graph, the setup is as follows:
PLACE: Character [Popularity points]

FIRST PLACE: Homestar Runner [202]
SECOND PLACE: Strong Bad [198]
THIRD PLACE: The Cheat [192]
FOURTH PLACE: Homsar [161]
FIFTH PLACE: Coach Z [124]
SIXTH PLACE: Bubs [114]
SEVENTH PLACE: Strong Sad [109]
EIGHTH PLACE: Pom Pom [96]
NINTH PLACE: Strong Mad [90]
TENTH PLACE: Marzipan [66]
ELEVENTH PLACE: The King of Town [57]
TWELFTH PLACE: The Poopsmith [50]


People who have voted in alphabetical order. If you voted and your name does not appear, contact Ju Ju Master.

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