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Welcome to CGNU Online. Homestar High is gone, but this is Homestar High's brother, a couple times deleted. But now its back and better than ever!


2.Don't act like this is is an online game. Act like this is a school. An awesome school.
3.No excessive violence, no blood or gore, no dieing, and no ghosts.
4.No dating, no falling in love, no roleplay, no anything that would cause a wiki war.
5.No Troll Armies, no summoning, no Ekeda, and no crazy super powers.
6.No swearing. Period.
7.No s**.
8.Follow the transcription standards when chatting, please.

Break one of rules 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8 and you get a suspension. You cannot play for a disclosed period of time. Break one of rules 1, 6, or 7 and you get booted out. Forever. Ouch.


In class, you do stuff like answer Homestar trivia to earn CGNU points.
These are used to move up grades. The grades are:

Freshman: Automatic.

Sophomore: 1,000 Points.

Junior: 3,000 Points.

Senior: 5,000 Points.


In gym, you must preform varius (and sometimes ridiculus) athletic activities to earn CGNU Points.


In the hallway you can go to your classes, chatter mindlessly, or put things in/out of your locker. There is also a Message Board for important/noninportant/stupid messages. Anyone can post on it, but don't add real stupid stuff like: "Genaric u$er like$ gENariC usah tooo!(2)" or just random crud like "ARGABLBLBLBLLBLBLBLBLBLBLLBLBL! art monky istint Sane!" or it will be taken down imedietly.


Prinicpal Strong Bad- User:Master Ferret/sig (Prinicpal)

Coach Z- Gym Teacher - Dinoshaur (I am also Grape Nuts, I stop the students misbehaving.)

Homestar Runner- Science Teacher - User:DonZabu/sig (Vice Prinicpal)

Pom Pom- History Teacher - Limoman

Marzipan- Art Teacher - User:PrincessHomestar/sig

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