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So... uh, there was a massive purge of my animations from PutFile due to copyright issues and I lost 90% of them. I don't really have a place to upload them and at this point they're more nostalgic than anything meeting my personal quality standard. As a result, I leave you with what is left as tribute to my glory days.

Welcome to "Awesomations!" the remainder of a collection of Flash (and other) projects that I made about 3 years ago relating to Homestar Runner. Some are doodles, some are actually animations, and I even have some fan fiction. By making many of these projects I also learned more about using certain programs, so they range in quality depending on their date of completion. Now without further ado, here are the goods.

The Goods

For best results, watch them upside down or while eating some ice cream. Doing both is prohibited.
  • File:FOTWIcon.png Homestar Goes to College - My longest and most labor intensive Homestar Runner fan toon, complete with an original song by me and my very own cruddy Homestar voice impressions. It is an "imitation short," if you will excuse the slight similarity of that phrase to certain other excellent flash toons on the Fanstuff Wiki. Go to my newgrounds upload.
  • Homestar Dream... Maybe - Several Dr Peppers and a bunch of chocolate combined with some serious lack of sleep resulted in this odd toon. The file no longer exists on the web but there is a nice description of it on here if you click the title link.
  • Dorks - You'd have to be a real nerd to click here. Can you find the easter egg? A special shout out to T. Gies who did the most excellent voice impression for me (and for hosting my toon on his site... thank goodness). I drew Strong Bad myself in this one as it was made before the acquisition of Super Sam's awexome vector graphix.
A trophy from Kiki
Not quite awesome, but still animations.

Not Animated But Cool

Here's some links to other Homestar Runner stuff I've done.

The Real World Adventures of Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner finds a "cwack" in his website that leads him to the real world! Now he has to find his way back with the help of none other than the Chapman brothers themselves, but they have to hurry because strange things are happening due to Homestar's absence from his site. Will they get Homestar back in time? Will TBC be able to put up with the annoying webtoon character of their creation?? Will Strongbad eat Homestar's sandwich??? This project is complete, and even has illustration. Also available in comic strip format.

The System is Gone

This is the much anticipated (not really but still) next installment in the "Real World Runner" series. I won't spoil it so read it. Just do it. If you liked the first one you'll like this one.

Adversity: The Celebrity Duo Edition - Suspended

I discovered this rejected transcript in the garbage behind the CSB corporate headquarters. I felt obligated to post it on this wiki since Homestar Runner and Strong Bad participated in it. Apparently the entire season was all filmed and ready to be aired, but as of yet the whereabouts of the mysterious footage remains unknown.

My Homestartworks

When one finds oneself bored, one does what one must to stay awake. And I did... so here is all my old artwork.


Doodles/Black and White

Whiteboards: Every week or so I made a new whiteboard drawing outside on my door back in the dorms.

More Artsy Stuff

When the stuff just doesn't fit in a category... and it's artsy.


       /     __
      |   _6_-|    _______________
  _   |   ____  /   *pssst!*    
 |_|  |________/ <  Ya want some  |
/B   |        |  | Witch's Brew? |
| R | |     _/|  _______________/
|__U| |       |
      |     //|       *wink*
        | | |
        | | |
        | | |
        | | |
        | | |
        | | |
    ____/ | ____
   /      |      

Pssst! you should check out some more of these cool thingers I made over here!Template:FotW Icon

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