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FTV Documentary, Paul Hockey's Mount Everest Climb,

date: 3/11/06

documentary is well underway, i have previously filmed the interviews and obtained photographs on these dates,

filming: 21/10/06, 22/10/06

photographs obtained on these dates: 3/09/06, 11/10/06

editing began 24/10/06, but has been deleted and am now working on editing this assignment again.

currently i have completed roughly a quater of the editing needed.

date: 7/11/06

i have worked on the documentary today, i have added another 20 seconds or so to the sequence,

i am still about a quater the way through this editingt process.

date: 8/11/06

today the editing got mostly done, i am about half a minute - 45 seconds until the whole production is finished, then i will have to get an all clear from Paul Hockey himself and everything will be sweet.

date: 9/11/06

i have a few photographs to add in on the last speech, the photographs will be of him doing a speech at a ceromony, also i will add some more photographs of him on mount everest. i am expecting to finish the whole production early next week

eugen is so cool

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