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This page contains information in regards to the Inline 6 Nissan L-Series Heads. For information on the Inline 4 Heads please visit L4 Heads and Blocks.

The Nissan L-Series Head came out on a variety of models ranging from the late 60's through late 80's. During its extensive run there have been a number of iterations and variants made. The feature below is by no means a complete list but is enough information to make an informed decisions in regards to appropriate head use or a foothold to base calculations off of.

[edit] L6 Head Combination and Details

Head Model Year Engine Block Casting Code Pistons Head Volume (cc) Intake Valve (mm) Exhaust Valve (mm) Exhaust Shape
E30 C110, C210, 240Z 1977 L20A,


E31 Dished E30 37 Small Small Square
E31 240Z 1970 L24 E31 Flattop E31 42.4 42 33 Square
E88 1971 P30 Flattop E88 44.7 42 33 Square
260Z 1974 L26
N42 1975 N42 Dished N42 44.6 44 35 Square
N47 N47 44.6 44 35 Round
N42 280ZX 1979 L28 F54 Flattop/Dished/Siamesed N42 44.6 44 35 Square
P79 P79 53.6 44 35 Round
P90 P90 53.6 44 35 Square
P90A P90A 53.6 44 35 Square
P81 - 1979 - - - P81 44.6 44 35 Round
P99 - 1982 - - - P99 53.6 44 36 Square
N33/P50 - 1973 - - - N33/P50 47.8 42 35 Square
05L C210, HR30 1980 L20ET - - 05L 37 38 33 Square
Y70 C210, HR30 - L20ET - - Y70 - 38 33 Square

[edit] Note

As stated previously, the list is not complete. Some omitted items include;

  • The R30 N47,
  • The R30 E88E,
  • The Cedric 2300 block and head,
  • 240C combinations,
  • 260C combinations,
  • 280C combinations,
  • And the Patrol combinations.

It is also important to note that the F54 blocks vary in water jacket sizes.

  1. The 280ZX possesses the smallest of the F54 water-jackets, arguably good for overboring but 89mm + results in thin cylinder walls before water-jacket contact.
  2. The 280C Cedric contains F54 jackets of the next size up. These blocks are few and far between due to the limited number of cars containing them.
  3. The Patrol has the largest water-jackets of all F54 blocks perhaps to ensure that the potentially hard-worked engine could sustain the expectations of a 4x4 offroad vehicle. This block is especially ideal for turbo applications as its ability to pass a larger volume of water and subsequent heat dissipation can allow for added performance in high end installments.
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