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Lingrish is the strange combination of English, Mandarin, and gamer speak used by the well-known EuphRO player, TeacherLin. Rumor has it all his English was learned playing Starcraft. If this is true or not remains a mystery.

NOTICE This is not meant to offend Lin in any way. If we didn't like him, we wouldn't all keep track of nearly everything he says. There are a lot of people that don't speak perfect English on the server. They don't get a special page. Only Lin. Because he's awesome like that. THIS PAGE IS FULL OF LOVE.

Decoding Lingrish

As often suspected of Lin, some of his words are indeed words in Mandarin. One of the most puzzling words was g8. Nobody understood where it came from. More importantly, nobody understood why he was saying it gee-ba when they heard him actually speak (until someone kindly pointed out that ba was indeed how you pronounce the number 8 in Mandarin). The mystery of g8 has now been solved thanks to the research efforts of Allucinari and Wikipedia.

鸡巴 jībā (also 鸡鸡, G8, GG) = cock (used as early as the Yuan Dynasty)

This leads one to wonder what Lin must think when he comes into IRC and sees members of the guild Guilty Gears proudly displaying their guild allegiance with a [GG] before their names.

Examples of Lingrish

"looking for sexy girl be friend =.="
"put g8mo in hot water, very song~"
Also: "put peco in hot water, very song"
"put dick in hold then sleep!"
"you make sex her?"
"turn off ur equip!"
trans. take off your clothes
"g8 = peco peco = pen1s"
"catch niffpe"
"if niffpe come out, BITE BITE BITE"

Adam: ((Girls trying to sell themself on webcam) I wanted to see how he would react.
Allucinari: Was he like "u sexy girl, u b friend?"
Adam: I found out that he's shy.
Allucinari: Aww, thats so cute.
Adam: He kept asking me on MSN, to ask them to show tittie. I'm like, you ask them! And he was like "no >.> u do it!"
[New_Aeon]NeonShadow:Awful. Adam, do you realise how Lin's rating will drop?
Adam: Somehow, we got kicked out of a couple of the girls rooms. I think it was because they saw I had a credit card and.. wasn't spending any money :p
Allucinari: Yeah, well, camwhores a like that.
Adam: I also found out, that he only likes looking at breasts. If they show ass, he gets disgusted.

Javs: I remember one time we were in PVP talking about ivi being asleep and Lin said "PUT DICK IN HOLD THEN SLEEP"

Allucinari: i sel lin... he say mak g8 very song :(
[New_Aeon]NeonShadow: What ? Translate please :)
Allucinari: lol Linspeak is hard to understand.. x.x
Euphony: you can't translate it

Euphony: it's just not possible
[GG]DrS: lkol yeah
Allucinari: It loses its charm. x.x

Allucinari: The important part to know is, as Lin told us many times... g8 = pecopeco
[New_Aeon]NeonShadow: I've been in VS for 3 weeks - Lin's english seemed quite OK to me
Allucinari: pecopeco = penis
[New_Aeon]NeonShadow: Hm... Don't see the connection...
Allucinari: I think he puts on a show for some people
Adam: song in chinese means pleasurable
Euphony: very song I'm guessing to be very strong or very long..nvmn
Allucinari: "put g8 in hot water... very song."
Euphony�> OH! THAT song. I get it now
Adam: and: "push her on bed, put the dick on the hole" Lin's sex ed. It's pretty good advice!

FastMatt: hot girl am sexy friends me ro good
FastMatt: hot girl am sexy friends me ro good
Teacherlin: looking for big nipples girl be friends
FastMatt: roflmao
FastMatt: big nipples?
Teacherlin: looking for big nipples girl be friends
Teacherlin: yap C-cup or bigger
FastMatt: rofl nipples
FastMatt: you mean boobtits
FastMatt: not nipples
Teacherlin: o
Teacherlin: yap
Teacherlin: lol
Teacherlin: not same?
FastMatt: no
FastMatt: nipple is round thing in center
Teacherlin: o
Teacherlin: that black color that?
FastMatt: i guess black maybe
Teacherlin: some young girl is red color
FastMatt: rofl
Teacherlin: pink
Teacherlin: my secret i like catching the nipple
FastMatt: tell me the secret
Teacherlin: what secret
FastMatt: catching the nipple
Teacherlin: need put it into ur mouth
FastMatt: do you have pictures?
Teacherlin: girl will yalling~
FastMatt: lmao

TeacherLin> u don't know what is TeacherLin this name story?
TeacherLin> it is a noice
TeacherLin> teacherlin speak in chinese word
TeacherLin> mean
TeacherLin> fk ur teacher
TeacherLin> I hate teachers
TeacherLin> always when I get 60- excue
TeacherLin> hit my ass
TeacherLin> teacher love to hit ppl's ass<

TeacherLin> u should say use ur pecopeco hit my face plox~

palm> what did you say was female g8?
TeacherLin> it is snake hold
TeacherLin> animal VS human
TeacherLin> snake vs famale

&ZellKFF> TeacherLin you know sopay titwank?
TeacherLin> yap I know
TeacherLin> my sister love that toy
TeacherLin> watch her play!
TeacherLin> u guys think too much ==
palm> lin post pix of sister
TeacherLin> I don't want u guys hit g8 when watch my sister's pic

Lin: drop RU-486 in beer
Lin: one kind of madician
Lin: can let girl get stun
Lin: don't know where are she
Lin: so can fuck her

TeacherLin : u looklike so young
TeacherLin : 18+ please~

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