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Yreomyr is a new-ish bunny, he joined the EGS forums in April 7th 2007 but wasn't very active until October of that year when he began posting his slays. He enjoys reading EGS, slaying EGS, playing City of Heroes, long walks on the beach, and speaking in the third person. After he figures out how to work this wiki thing, he will update up with various things like: his RP characters, his inventory, and maybe take a page out of Tadpole's book and throw a comments section in.


RP characters


For the TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces

Name(counterpart): Susan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

General appearance: Same as in the comic but with shorter hair, still dyes her hair black

Background: Her full name is Susan Tiffany Pompoms (her mother got to choose the first name this time). Shortly after her trip to france Susan's home reality was attacked by one of the Lords Tedd, unfortunately it was very well organized and the reality fell quickly. After some time Susan's family got the attention of a Lord Tedd, both for their wealth and for her considerable skills. When offered a position in his spy/infiltration network, she (at first) declined, when he imprisoned her parents, she changed her mind and became an reluctant member of his cadre. After some time her skills improved, both in stealth and her weapon use, she has even been honored twice by her Lord Tedd, once by the reception of a coveted hedge-cat, this one was a hedge/puma mix she named Jered, and again by given the knowledge of the uryuomoco language. Both of these are primarily status symbols, but Jered can be used as an attack animal, and she often takes him along on her mission as extra insurance. Now she continues her inter-reality work for Lord Tedd secretly hoping that her next accomplishment will merit her parent's release. On a more personal note, she's a lesbian and is unaware of it, her work leaves her little time to ponder relationships, if she were to encounter the right girl in the right situation though, all bets are off.

Special abilities: katana summoning, skilled in it's use, able to call Jered, speaks uruomoco, and, of course, hammer summoning (though she doesn't use that as much)

Magic: None known yet.

Equipment: Black uryuom battle suit, sound dampener, stasis gun, face obscuring thermal goggles, bomber

For the TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces


Played by yreomyr.

Name(counterpart): Jered (Jeremy)

Age: 2 yrs

Gender: Male

General appearance: He is, roughly, around 8ft/2.4m long nose to tail, weighs, roughly, 200lb/90.7kg, and his fur is of a light sandy color.

Background: Jered was born however hedge-cats are born, presumably from an uryuom egg. He was raised in captivity and was eventually chosen by Susan as her hedge-cat.

Special abilities: Jered is slightly heavier and stronger than a puma, this is due to muscle-mass and the spines. Because of this, he is somewhat slower and cannot jump as high as most pumas. His vertical jump is from 10-25ft/3-7.6m, and his running speed tops out at 28mph/45km/h. Of course this is made up for, in Susan's opinion, by his sheer offensive power by way of strength and his spines.

Equipment: None

For the Big Bunny Brawl

  • Name: Yreomyr Gwolyn
  • Normal Gender: Male
  • Health : 350
  • Energy : 750
  • Strength : 3
  • Endurance : 4
  • Speed : 9
  • Power : 7
  • Will : 7


  • -- Bowler hat w/joker card: Yreomyr wears a black bowler hat with a joker card stuck into the band, once during any fight, Yreomyr may throw the card at someone to cancel their flight effects for the remainder of the battle.
  • -- Steel toe shoes: Any kick attack done by Yreomyr has a +1 strength modifier added to it.
  • -- Boxcutter: each attack has a 30% chance of causing the nosebleed status effect through bleeding wounds (not perv based). Contains 5 spare blades.


  • - Attack
  • - Defend

- Special Abilities and Magic

  • -- Slay

cost: 100 Yreomyr can cause any magical or special attack to be nullified has a 10% chance of stunning through laughter.

  • -- Glimpse into Madness

cost: 50 Yreomyr allows you to see within his own thoughts dealing chaos damage and having a 25% chance of confusion. 40 chaos+((user's power*5)-((target's will+target's endurace)/2)*5)

  • -- Dodge

cost: 25 Yreomyr has a 25% chance of avoiding an attack

  • -- Trip

cost: 25 Yreomyr gets behind the enemy and kicks the back of the knee, causing them to fall to the ground and take damage, counts as a kick type attack damage: 7*str-7*end 7 min

  • -- Dash

cost: 10 A quick burst of speed allows Yreomyr to close within melee range of an opponent

  • -- Hum

cost: 20/turn Yreomyr hums a Daft Punk song to himself giving him a +1 morale boost to speed and will

  • -- Self esteem boost

cost: 50? Yreomyr heals himself for 75 damage.

  • -- Throw spare blade: Yreomyr throws one of his spare blades at the opponent (can only be used up to 5 times in one battle, and not very accurate)

cost: 5 damage: 5*str-5*end 5 min 30% chance of nosebleed (non perv based) accuracy: 50%

- Desperation: Dirty joke: Yreomyr makes a perverse joke about something (could be anything really) this has a 80% of laughter stunning and a 80% chance of causing the nosebleed status effect. Also deals 50 perv + power*10 damage. (I am not normally a lewd person, but in an act of desperation i would prolly do this if i thought it would be effective, or if i just couldn't get the damn joke out of my head)

Attack Attributes, Weaknesses, and Resistances:

  • - Pyrophobic: Yreomyr has a fear of fire, therefore, any attack that would deal fire type damage, whether it hits or not, has a 25% chance of stunning Yreomyr through fear.
  • - Cold sensitivity: Yreomyr is unable to handle colder temperatures. Any attack that deals Cold/Ice damage, when hit, reduces Yreomyr's speed by 1.
  • - Rational thinker: Yreomyr has a 50% resistance to confusion causing techniques.
  • - Kick preference: 60% of Yreomyr's attack will be a kick of some sort.
  • - Difficult to pronounce name: If at any point during the usual battle banter, the opponent says Yreomyr's name, there is a 10% chance they will stun themselves trying to pronounce it properly.

Dammit, I lost. Time for a Writeup

The referee walked out into the arena and looking at the two contestants said into the mic "Ladies and gentlemen, Our first bout is between Alex mage and Yremer... Oreo... That one in the opposite corner!" After a pause he said "Gladiators ready!" at the confused looks, he cleared his throat and said "Oops wrong show, I mean," pointing at Alex Mage "Ready?" AM nods and Yreomyr nodded when asked. "And... FIGHT!"

First thing Yreomyr did was dash straight toward alexmage to pull him within melee range, his far superior speed allowing him to attack quickly before alex could act. (I think that's how that's supposed to work...) Stepping foreward he kicks alex hard in the side, however, he seems to have taken the hit very well. Alex responds by casting his wind spell and rises into the air, safe from anymore melee attacks. looking up, Yreomyr reches to the card in his hat and throws it at AM, it hits and just as he had begun his flight it ended, but he managed to land pretty well and gets off a lightning spell dealing a fair amount of damage to Yreomyr.

Yreomyr, seeing his opponent right in front of him and does... nothing? At least he appears to do nothing. Alex takes advantage of his opponent's seeming inaction to attack him with his bat, though Yreomyr seems to have taken it pretty well. Yreomyr then seems to be tapping his foot and humming to himself, Alex once again tries to take advantage of his opponent's distraction by castiong fireball "*short incantation* FIREBALL!!!" Fireball: FWOOSH Or, at least, that's what he intended, what came out was *Throws hand foreward* "Do you like what i did with my nails?" *giggle* Many in the crowd began laughing, though Alex didn't seem to share in their amusement. If one was fairly close to Yreomyr, one could hear him singing under his breath "Last night i had a dream about yo~u In this dream I'm dancing right beside yo~u" He tilted his hat up, locked eyes with Alex giving him a glimpse into madness. Grabbing the sides of his head, alex gave a short scream and responded by throwing an ice spell at Yreomyr. He didn't seem to react well to the attack at all, his teeth chattering so loudly, the people in the front row probably thought there was a drum roll somewhere.

Though his voice was shakey, you could still almost hear Yreomyr singing "Don't stop, come a little closer. As we jam, the rythm get stronger, there's nothing wrong with just a little little fun. We were dancing all night lo~ng" and he once again seemed to do nothing. Alex, seemed to notice Yreomyr poor reaction to his ice spell and tried to throw another at him, however, once again, he seemed to have not done what he intended, which was *one hand up* *short incantation* *throw giant icicle* What happened was *Throw hand up while pulling legs apart* *Michael Jackson "WHOO!"* Once again, the crowd was laughing at Alex's expense, and once again, he wasn't.

"The time is right, to put my arms around you. You're feeling right, you wrap your arms around to~o. but suddenly i feel the shining sun. Before i know it, this dream is all go~ne" Yreomyr then tried to move aside him and kick his legs out from under him, but his watch giving him a heads-up, Alex dodges and threw a fireball at Yreomyr, this time completing the spell. Yreomyr reacted, shall we say, negatively to the attack. Screaming and panicking to a level even Alex hadn't expected. Even the crowd seemed concerned (What? I'm writing this, I'll get crowd sympathy if I want it... *sniff* meany...) Alex noticed that, in Yreomyr's panicked state, he wasn't attacking and threw another icicle at him, once again taking advantage of Yreomyr's weakness. Yreomyr was once again forced into inaction but this time by the cold.

Smiling at his luck, Alex launches a lighning spell at Yreomyr, hoping to stun him and maybe learn another apparent weakness. Yreomyr wasn't weak to it, but it still hurt like hell. But luck seemed to be on Yreomyr's side as he escaped being stunned for the third time in a row. Yreomyr stood, once again seemingly inactive. Alex, thinking he'd been stunned again, shot another lighting at him... almost. the intended action was: *extend index and pinky fingers* *lightning arcs between the two, like on a jacob's ladder* *throw spell* What happened was *extend index and pinky fingers* "ROCK ON!!!" The crowd cheered, and a few laughed, but once more, Alex remained stoic as ever.

tilting his hat up and locking eyes Yreomyr gave Alex yet another glimpse into madness. After recovering, Alex, now fed up with this rather annoying opponent, threw another fireball at him. Though badly hurt, Yreomyr managed to keep his wits about him this time. Feeling somewhat like a broken record, Yreomyr decides to give Alex yet anothe Glimpse into madness, Alex responed with an ice attack, but Yreomyr managed to not be stunned once more.

Knowing the chips were down, Yreomyr began yelling something. That something is something I'm not really at liberty to write, as it was rather rude. And yet incredibly funny. Nearly all of the crowd broke down in laughter at hearing the joke. Alex, though, managed to suppress his laughter, and kept it down to a smile. and attacked once more with his lightning spell *KRACKA-BOOM* Knocking Yreomyr out and ending the match.

The ref ran to Yreomyr's limp form, and after checking him to make sure he was unconcious, declared Alex the winner. There was much cheering and throwing of confetti.

For the Naruto TS

  • Name:Haido, Jekul
  • Age:15
  • Rank:Genin
  • Chakra:4
  • -Stamina:2
  • -Control:4
  • Gender:Male
  • Appearance:He basically looks malnourished, is shorter than average and underweight, this is common within his family though. He usually wears loose-fitting, light colored clothes and wears his forehead protector on his right leg.
  • Personality:He is usually very quiet and generally keeps to himself, his family collects the forehead protectors of opposing ninjas killed in battle, as a result of this, he is both eager to see battle and scared of the likely outcome.
  • Family:His mother is like him, quiet, reserved, sickly looking, his father, though, is louder and more boisterous, always looking for a laugh (his father took his mothers name upon marriage). He is an only child. Though her mother has "retired" in order to care for her family, her father is still an active ninja. Both are Chuunin.
  • Village:Suna
  • Jutsu
  • -Ninjutsu
  • --Basic:Very good with clone and replacement, but poor with transformation.
  • --Elemental:Earth (hasn't trained much in the specific elemental manipulation yet, but that is his affinity)
  • --Medical:no skill
  • --Summons:none
  • -Genjutsu:While in his normal frame of mind, he is a relatively good genjutsu user.
  • --Known Genjutsu
  • ---(Nemuri (Sleep)) A Genjutsu technique where the ninja places their hand on their target's shoulder and forces them into a deep slumber. A useful technique when subterfuge is involved with a mission, but utterly useless in combat.
  • ---(Rock Bind Technique) (semi-original) A Genjutsu technique where the ninja appears to vanish before their opponent's eyes, and then induces the idea that they have been caught and bound from behind by a large stone, which the ninja then emerges from for a swift kill. Effectively the same as the Tree Bind Technique first performed by Yuuhi Kurenai, but given the lack of trees in a desert...
  • ---(Sense Blocker Technique) (original) A Genjutsu technique where the ninja blocks one sense (sight, hearing, etc) of a target. Similar to the Kokuangyo no Jutsu (Bringer of Darkness Technique) used by the Shodaime Hokage but is significantly weaker.
  • -Taijutsu:He's not so good at taijutsu so he normally hangs back from the fighting, though he is quite good at dodging attacks if he sees them coming
  • Bloodline:Not really a bloodline limit, but a common mental condition within the family. When under a high amount of stress, mental, physical, or emotional, he tends to go into a berzerker rage, effectively swapping from a genjutsu user who hangs back from battle, to a taijutsu user in the opponent's face. The main downside to this, though, is that it is, in effect, a blind rage, he'll focus on whoever he sees as the opponent and attack them first, but if he's interrupted by someone else, he would switch to attacking them. Much of his family learn to control it better later in life, but there are, of course, many who were imprisoned by the sand government as a result of a poorly timed outbreak. Their family is small, comparatively, but it's likely that any jounins are familiar with their traits.


Aethabryn is the name of a small sentient plushie that looks like Yreomyr, he was made sentient by Alex Mage. He learned of his name in the MY ROCK! thread.


Yreomyr make many (perhaps too many) slays, averaging roughly 8 a day. As of this posting he has made 423.

If you ever want to see all his slays, go here often there are a few that he hasn't posted in the forum yet awaiting postage.


A TF Gun

6 cans of unlabeled soda

A cookie

A dead fish

A squirrel teddy

A fire extinguisher

A Canadian-pattern longlas sniper rifle

A Grace VooDoo doll


This is where I rip off Tadpole, leave a comment if you want.

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