The giant still-growing-larger-by-the-freakin-second plant

From Egs Mayhem

You thought the Following Plants were bad? This thing freaking blows up planets to reproduce!! It's effectively an organic nuclear reactor but evil! Do not grow one in your back garden! And the worst part is that if you try and get rid of it it goes nuclear and BLOWS UP! If you find this thing in your house you are a DAMN unlucky Mayhemite!

Oh, Ba DeGuy teleported one of these things into the basement of Fort Mayhem which just shows how sick minded Who? is!

If you are talking about one you need to use a lot of !!!s because people just WONT get how dead they are otherwise!!

Xepharon named it. He did a good job of it too.

“AAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!?!” ~The inventor of The giant still-growing-larger-by-the-freaking-second plant.

"It's a nuclear power plant!" ~Really bad pun.

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