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Since the Board wiki appears to be down at the moment, here's a (slightly out-of-date) placeholder from my hard drive:


  • Formal Affiliations: Parazoological Department, Magitech Division, Board
  • Informal Affiliations: Board-EGSDF Liaison, Draconic Council [CLASSIFIED]
  • Age: Centuries – appears mid-twenties in humanlike forms.
  • Race: Dragon (European)
  • Gender: Male

Human-dragon hybrid form:

  • Height: 5’11” (hybrid, not including wings)
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Physical Characteristics: Caucasian, usually with the exception of a pair of bronze wings. These wings are scaled on the back, making them too heavy for flight, but useable in combat as weapons or shields.

Dragon form:

  • Length: 31 feet approx, nose-tail
  • Colour: Bronze
  • Eyes: Blue-green.
  • Physical Characteristics: Crest of back-swept horns from the back of the skull. Wing membranes a translucent blue, with a short spinal frill of the same colour. No spikes or other tail weaponry. Four digits per limb, three forward and one backwards – foreclaws can be used as hands, but not as dextrous as the human equivalents.

Gear: Normally relies on magic or natural ability rather than equipment. Casual outfits (in hybrid form) are a lightly-coloured tunic (specially tailored to accommodate the wings) over dark pants. Various suits and robes may be worn in formal situations. Normally carries a variety of small magical paraphernalia, but does not use a staff or wand.

Exceptional items include the Holy Grill, which will resurrect anyone burned to ashes on it (also makes for great barbeques, as long as the chef is very careful not to overcook anything) and a magical helmet covered in (functional) eyes (now, thanks to HK and others, adorned with both a set of horns and a set of antlers. With more eyes).

History: M-Div operative, normally provides magical advice and support to Board quick-response “firefighting” units. With Birdboy Bard, formed the Parazoological Department of M-Div to collect and expand the Board’s knowledge of supernatural entities.

First became aware of the rise of the Evil Overlords during use of the Board’s Speculation Arrays to observe other universes. Began visiting the EGS forumverses after the threat to EGS by the Evil Overlords was discovered and (apparently) driven off for the first time. Responsible for issuing a call for the Board to intervene after the Evil Overlords returned their attentions to the EGSverses, and has since acted as a liaison between the EGSDF and the Board.

Powers: Natural dragon abilities include firebreathing (maintained, although in weakened form, in hybrid form, replacing redundant human organs with those needed for firebreathing) and flight (requiring small, instinctive uses of magic for true flight). Capable of shapeshifting, but not an expert – has become faster with practise, but still requires several minutes to change form.

Magic is primarily used for utility and defence rather than offence – has some offensive spells when required, but is generally more likely to stop someone else from wreaking mass devastation than doing so himself. Has an affinity for manipulating the electromagnetic force – to generate and control electricity, light (including illusions), and mimicking the electric fields of solid objects to create telekinetic effects.

Weaknesses: Deadly allergy to milk – disrupts magic, and acts as an acid on physical contact.

Associated entities: Shoulder-entities manifest in the form of small dragonlings, roughly similar in shape to his dragon form except one foot high, and different in colour – most commonly seen are copper (mischievousness) and gold (responsibility). Unlike most shoulder entities, these can independently manifest and interact with others, but follow cartoon laws of physics when doing so (it is very hard to inflict real harm upon them, but the same rules apply to their acts on others)

Parazoology Department membership grants access to the Board’s zoo of mythological (and just plain weird) critters. Private experiments have led to the creation of a small force of power armour-equipped pineapple golems (normally armed with fruit-based weaponry – the juice from which is normally infused with holy water to be useful against demons. Rarely seen recently, but also possesses a large, sentient, self-mobile spellbook, which shows behaviour similar to some books from the Unseen University, including the consumption of other books and documents it comes in contact with.

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