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One of the resident Lommies of LPW. He is a shrunken male anthrofeline, with grey hair and grey fur. He is, in fact, the original Lomgren of LPW, and was at one time married through a special ceremony to Butterfly Girl, Queen of the Meadow. However, due to the almost total destruction of the Meadow, Butterfly Girl was lost, and the resulting backlash caused him and all the other Lommies to enter a state of non-response.

More recently, that state appears to have been cured, with him being in a deep sleep.

He lives in the Dollhouse in the Pavilion of Peace.

Note: He is referred to as "RLommy" to prevent confusion with CLommy2, but is never called this IC; he is always called just "Lomgren" or more commonly "Lommy".

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