From Egs Mayhem

Name: Munin

Age: Unknown, looks late teens to early twenties

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120

Hair color: White

Eye color: Green

Gender: Female

Appearance: Munin takes the human appearance of a attractive woman of unknown age. She has long white hair, pulled up into a very messy ponytail. She wears a black top under a black coat. She wears tanish-green pants under a black skirt. She wears plain sandals. Her sword is on her right hip, indicating she is left handed.


Personality: Unlike Hugin, Munin is no-nonsense. She also, hardly ever talks unless she is familiar with the person. This may be because she is shy or just doesn't think they warrant her time.

Abilities: Also Adept at all things magical. She can make other relive their memories if cut by her sword. Can become a crow the same color as her hair.

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