From Egs Mayhem

There are many false Leads, many overtired puns involving Lead Poisoning, untold thousands of Fake Leads distributed by Lomgren, several living Leads who lurk in the tunnels below the Snowfield, Seri's pet chibiLead, the chocolate fake leads ("chocoleads") given out by KF-Oz...the list goes on.

But there is only one True Lead. It is elusive. It is shiny. It is golden. It is wrapped in condoms. Or maybe it's wrapped in shiny golden condoms, it depends on how you interpret. But regardless, it is elusive. If you think you have it, odds are you're wrong, and even if you aren't odds are good you won't have it for long.

The key to winning lies in the Lead, for (s)he who last possesses it shall be victorious. Oh, and immune to radiation. (Must be all those shiny condoms.)

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