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Joeldipops is a Male Australian bunny. He is an avid fan of egs, but his involvement in Mayhem has been fairly limited.

He is generally wary of RPs, and dislikes it when bunnies have conversations with their characters in the main forum. He is also worried that at some point he may be labeled a minor troll, due to his willingness to be critical of various things.

He occasionally does indulge however. He participates in the slow moving Discworld RP, as a Martial-arting female Igor known as Not-Igorina, because his love of Discworld outweighs his wariness of Role-Playing.

He is also involved in the various Crossover Wars threads.


Crossover Wars Involvement

Joeldidpops plays himself, a guy existing only in 'our' meta-verse, and participating only through use of keyboard and mouse. In a regular RP, he realises this would be mundane, but feels that he can get away with it in the wars, due to the myriad layers of metadom.

His first contribution was to gimp a visual history of the Bunnies defense of EGS, as a means to enter the overlords realm, but gave up as soon as Ankhareon announced that another comic was in production.

Joeldidpops believes that, were he ever in the forum at the same time as Ti-Phil or the NetPoet, his army of I/O devices and free software would become useful in defending EGS.

He is proud to be the host of the Operation Lagomorph comics, and aspires to some day be mentioned in the crossover wars. (I don't know how to make external links in wiki-code.)


Joeldipops' avatar, since he came to the forum, has been an image of Chris from Venus Envy, who he feels he can relate to in some ways, and also looks slightly similar to. He is not however, a cross-dresser.

Relationships with other Bunnies

  • He frequently talks to vampiress_kat over MSN
  • He talks to Ankhareon of matters concerning the The Crossover Wars
  • He also has Cameo, and HomerNet on his list, but rarely speaks to them.
  • Though he has never spoken to them, he respects Squato and PieBunny, due to their Australianess and all round goodishness.

Random Information

  • Joel is an Ubuntu user.
  • Joel has appeared on the first page of several reaction threads, and once was the second to post.
  • At one point, he had the address and mobile phone number of Sarah Ellerton, author of Inverloch, as he lived/lives very close to her.
  • His tendancy to boast about this obliges him to never give away his location. Otherwise he would feel comfortable explaining where he lives.
  • He has low-ish self esteem and occasionally wonders if any other bunnies have noted his existence.
  • Joel is learning Japanese at school. 楽しいよ!
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