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She has a shiny metal arm. And swirly-eyes. And MAD SCIENCE!

So, how many Jodis are there, anyway?

  • One owns and operates the Steel Spork Inn.
  • One can be found in Frink!, on board The Errant Dragon, where she works as a mechanic.
  • There's one in the EGS Town RP, who owns the Metal Gear and Cogs Inn.
  • Two have been sighted in the War universe (multiverse?), apparently from different timelines.
  • At least two versions have been spotted in Kylen's Bar.
  • A catkin version of Jodi made a brief appearance in Mossy Knoll, though this may be no longer canon (as far as I know, yes it is. Squato).
  • One has appeared in the KeenFans RP. She was promptly transformed into a catgirl, and fell in love (or lust) with <catldr24>. She was last seen working with the Artmoogle, on a mysterious project...
  • One has appeared as a cameo in the Rising Moon RP, as a young girl who helps run the inn that Arxonas (Atashi) is currently staying at.
  • One is now known to exist in Celtar 2.0 as one of the scientists who supposedly 'worked on' the chimerate in question.
  • More recently, an anthro-dolphin version of Jodi (with a slightly different last name) has appeared in Mossy Knoll. This one is apparently a dimensional traveller, who arrived in MKRP's universe by accident.
  • One appeared in Mayhem SIAFR, as a "muse" type character to Thom (Atashi).
  • Another is currently a Knight in Bandits!.


Jodi Darien Darellis is her full name regardless of what she says it is, this comes in all sorts of variations and styles of which many assume are additives of her first name. The nickname 'Joiddar' is a common misconception as she uses it more for her internet identity rather than a true nickname, along with her status of being a hacker of the ages.

A recent note so far for an atypical way to distinguish her from most other people is the metal prosthetic that she often wears in place of the missing right forearm on her body. She can fire up to a half-mile wide blast from the plasma cannon built into it, though the actual size of the blast varies from RP to RP. As with most universally-built characters, she has a spunky attitude that neither helps or hinders others with what they do. Most often she'll care less about what goes on unless it involves her directly, especially since many people choose to watch out for her instead of her watching out for them (this may be due to the cannon or her mastery of Hammerspace). Her backstory varies constantly from RP to RP; although many are almost the exact same, no-one is certain yet which is the true backstory of Jodi.

The following below is the character herself detailing....well, herself.

  • Name: Ask again and I'll program it into your mind; Jodi Darien Darellis, aka 'Jo' or 'Joiddar'
  • Age: you ask me once more and I swear I'll put this metal hand through your heart, rip it out and eat it as you die....that, and why must you think I'm older than 16 years old?!
  • Height: proudly at 5'6"
  • Weight: I'm not gonna answer this, and neither would your mom...right?
  • Eyes: sapphire blue with two sets of irises and no pupils. Don't ask me how I can see, but it's way out there...that, and if you look carefully you can see that I have swirls dancing around in 'em...see?
  • Skintone: Whiter than a, actually I'm about as averagely Caucasian as you can get.
  • Hair: Let's see....mousey brown hair that's hardly tamable in any way other than tying it back, along with falling only to my shoulders...yeah, that's my hair all right.^^
  • Clothing: Black halter-top tank shirt that reaches just to my navel. YES, YOU HEARD ME...MY NAVEL...DEAL WITH IT!! Also a pair of blue jeans, usually a bit faded but otherwise still-useable. Tennis shoes I've had for a few years, which used to have red soles but have faded to a dull pink color...don't ask about it or I'll shoot you.
  • Extras: A metal prosthetic that packs a punch (quite literally, sometimes) and has all manner of small-sized gadgets for working on machinery and more delicate things (like fixing a watch to work twice as good as before).

{end feedback of character}


Jodi has had her fair share of transformed states, most of which are non-canon, though the most favored (and amusing to hear of before getting hammered) is that of her in FV5. So far she's been given the Catgirl morph, FV5 morph, Jeremy morph, Full Cat (Chat-based specialized form), Telepathic Dragonette (Chat-based specialized form), and Half-Keybearer (only in Kylen's Bar). She has also had a Wolfgirl morph in the KeenFans RP, courtesy of the Artmoogle.

Most recently, in the Dead RPs RP Redux, she has received a foxgirl morph, courtesy of Cory Delone and her homebuilt TF gun. She also received a dolphin-girl morph from the same source, a result of Cory letting her program a form for the gun.

More updates will come as she is transformed.

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