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The Extra Army is just that, an army of extras who helpfully show up and support the actions of the main characters.

A creation of eternaljwh's.

A full listing follows, in rough chronological order, torn from E's own cast file and slightly altered.

  • 1 Took the lead once.
  • 54 Took the lead once.
  • 65535 Took off her glasses to enter superhero mode for the lead.
  • 3.5 Used like demonic duck as a distraction for the lead.
  • 42 Used holographic device to inform Restaurant patrons as to Altair's past.
  • 33 TF goon blasted eternaljwh with FV5.
  • 333 Offered as a sleeping platform.
  • 7 Brought silver tray with elegant TF guns for TF duel that never occured. Also showed up in the Battle on the Mountain, is nearing exiting Extra status.
  • 11010011(Binary...=211) Logic man in Carrot..?. Exploded.
  • Epsilon: aka Continuity Man. Has a squeaky mallet.
  • c100(hex for 49408): aka Mysterious Voodoo Man, extracted child from HelenNet. Graduated from Extra status, attempted brainwash of Lomgren.
  • 392 Offered suggestion as to multisided volleyball at a pool party.
  • 4, 8, 72 As a team, went to Carrot..? while Knave went rampant with Germahn's formula.
  • 1345-1349 lost their rightful places in Let's Count to a Million!!!.
  • 666: A demonic duck! Used as distraction in LPW from f-eternaljwh3 and Kraggi's antics.
  • dead<hex>: Skeleton in the Dark, Dark room. Killed by f-eternaljwh's holy fire inadvertently, will take legal action.
  • 247: Mistaken person who grabbed Lommy.
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