D.O.D. Mooks

From Egs Mayhem


The main troops of the Disciplines Of Drama. These are clones, non-sentient biological robots created to fight. They all look like generic men, their faces strangely void of description or expression, their bodies artificially perfect. They are incapable of creativity or learning, with everything they know being hardwired and instinctive.

Their fighting skills are competent but not excessive, being on par with your average trained soldier. However, they are completely fearless and have no moral concerns, which does give them an edge on that regard, as they don't suffer from hesitation or doubt.

In battle they are equipped with personal F-Beamers and where all over body armour with blank, white face plates on the helmets. The armour provides moderate protection and the helmets come with the standard communication and tactical technology you would expect.

Finally, these are the guys that pilot the Mechs.

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