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Ring Name(s) Daniel Alister
Handler N/A
Height 6'2"
Weight 246lbs
Date of Birth Unknown
Home Town Detroit, Michigan
Other E-Feds Evolved The Rebirth
Win/loss Record 1-0
Debut July 2008
Retired N/A


Daniel Alister, born to wrestle joined the DXX business in July. Alister made a statement that he would make a hard impact on his given brand, Massacre. Here are his matches so-far:

Daniel Alister def. Joe Stone

In the Ring

Popular Moves:

Asai DDT

Diving Headbutt


Double Kick to Nose

High Knee Attack

Spinning DDT



Shoulder Block

Abdominal Stretch

Finisher Moves:

Golden Intentions: (Hard kick to the gut + grabbed by the throat + launched up + slammed to the mat)

Golden Obsessions: (Lift up + span around + slammed and sprung onto the mat)

The Glory Hunt: (Kick to the gut + lifted onto shoulder + moved down back + slammed down similar to the Celtic Cross)

Accomplishments and Title History


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