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MsDevin92 (sometimes called MsDevin or simply Devin) is a member of Digibutter who goes by the same moniker on several other websites, including DeviantArt,, and Gaia Online.

As evidenced by these website memberships, MsDevin92 is a fanartist and writer, and an avid roleplayer. She also enjoys video games.

As evidenced by the above, MsDevin92 has little to no social life off the Interwebs.

She is a massive Mario fan and has been described by her friends as a 'walking Wiki for Mario', able to practically recite entire plots, quote dialogue, and describe major charcters of each and every game she has played- and even some she has not. The Mario RPG games have earned a notably special place in her heart.

On Digibutter, MsDevin spends most, if not all, of her time on the Role-Play and RTOP forums.

As stated before, MsDevin92 is a fanfiction writer. Her current big project is 'Appositus Obscurum'.


Appositus Obscurum Status: Stucked. Cursed writer's block.

As a Character

MsDevin is a quirky young girl who tends to poke around everywhere and anywhere. She has a bad habit of getting into trouble with the more unpleasant alts, usually getting kidnapped, terrorized, or otherwise tormented. (She actually uses this to her advantage so she can learn about their plans and stuff if needed, but...Shh. >_>)

She carries around a laptop bag, with her own little hammerspace in the second compartment. From this fantastical realm of awesomeness, she can pull out all manner of items, mostly Mario-themed.


  • Does an unhealthy amount of hiding
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Birthday: October 19th; Sign: Libra
  • Most-used phrases; 'awesomeness', 'luff', etc.
  • Current RP alts: Fawful, Pique and Beau, MsShroob.
  • Current Special alt: MsShroob.
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