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MALAK was a huge impact on Digibutter, all the way until he left the place. He started out as a regular, but became very famous quick. He spent alot of time in Off-Topic and Role-Play Off-Topic. Mainly the latter. During the Metroid Invasion, MALAK encountered a Friendly Metroid that wanted to be Friends with MALAK. The Metroid became MALAK's Pet, thus called Metroidy. Metroidy got lost during the Departure of the Metroids, leaving him Stuck deep in the Woods of Off Topic, Fireice later found him eating Wolfs, and returned him to MALAK. The last time we saw him, Metroidy was in "Digibutter News Flash", only being able to say "Bzzt". He also created a Topic called "GTF AWAY FROM MIKURU OR I WILL KILL YOU!" in which he pointed at his sig that contained an image of Mikuru from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and awaited responses. This eventually lead to a Haruhi fad, making all of Digibutter find out about the show. MALAK was also the one responsible for bringing back the Wiki. Then in mid-January, he became jailed. Due to many experiences caused by the site, he left, in an attempt to forget about the place. MALAK is the first one that proved ShadowArticuno wrong; He proved that it is indeed possible to leave Digibutter.

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