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Here are all the current items, organized by type..




  • Poison-Mushroom - Removes 10-HP
  • Boomerang - It might hit its target and return to you, or it might fly away and the victim might pick it up! -10HP.
  • Banana-Peel - Use on a post, and the next poster will slip on it!
  • Gooey-Bomb - Can be stuck to users and new posts. Causes 30HP damage after 1 hour.

Forum Items

  • Lens-of-Truth - This will let you see the truth. When used on members, it will try to see if they have other accounts.
  • Name-Tag - Changes your username. Input the desired name in the message box. Do not use lightly, changing your name is almost like starting a new life! Can only be used once a month.
  • Searchlight - Draw attention to your post with your image!
  • Spray Paint - Colors your username
  • Soap - Gets you squeaky clean. Removes spraypaint.
  • Bumper - Use on a post and the next poster will bounce into a random member's website!
  • Cracker-Launcher - Announce a message with fireworks! Uses 5 mp and can be used repeatedly.
  • Pitfall - Use on your post and the next poster will fall into your website!
  • Smoke-Ball - Use on a post to hide who posted it for an hour.


  • Shovel - If you have a shovel, you can dig up buried items. Or bury items into your posts. Oh, and you can also break it over someone's head.
  • Gold-Bar-14k - Bar of solid 14 carat gold. Can be sold for original price.
  • Gold-Bar-24k - Bar of solid 24 carat gold! Can be sold for original price.
  • User Made Items - Users can, for a certain sum of coins, create an item with their choice of an image, effects, services, and relationships.

Awards/Limited Edition

User-Created Items

There are also User-created Items. They can only be created by someone with a Usershop, and they can do different amounts of damage or healing to HP or MP, change a person's username color, add a relationship status, or a service for, well, a service.

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