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Main info

Greenlight's currnet avatar.
Well, time to write a whole bunch of unread text.....

Greenlight is the 411th registered user on digibutter.nerr, registering on August 5. His avatar is a green cheeked pikachu, in front of his current shop location. He was, at first teamgreenlight, but after realizing that one person is not a team, he shortened it to Greenlight.

== Greenlight's Global Goods ==
The shop banner of Greenlight's Global Goods.

Greenlight's shop is home to items of much variety. He is often adding new items, and changing the location of his shop. His current shop is located on popstar.Greenlight's Global Goods


In real life, Greenlight is an excellent pianist and has been playing for 8 years. He plays many different video game themes:

  • All of the Super Mario World music
  • All of the Super Mario 64 music
  • The ending of SMB 2
  • The original Pokemon intro theme
  • The RBY, and SGC champion battle themes
  • Some Sonic the Hedgehog music

Alternate Characters

Greelight's original Licorice avatar.
Greenlight's King Chomp Avatar.
Greenlight's evolution, Bluethunder.
In role-playing, Greelight has 3 different characters to use. The first, and most used is Licorice, a black yoshi. Greenlight often adds Licorice's brothers, (Like [W]Marshmallow, [G]Melon, [B]Berry, [R]Chilli, and many others) to the picture and plays all of them. His second character is King Chomp, Bowser's top chomp. The final alt is Greenlight's evolution, Bluethunder, a blue cheeked raichu. Greenlight in role play has the power to evolve back and forth at will. The result is Bluethunder for evolution, and Greenlight for the opposite.


These are Greenlight's current relationships from newest to oldest:

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