Rebecca Moira Smalls

From Demiurge Games

Age 13

Birthday January 10th

Mother: Susan Daniels

Father: Lt.Robert James Smalls

Brothers: Alex and Jason -twin brothers, age 15

Attends: Jackson Junior Highschool

Appearance: Becca is a bit short for her age, standing at barely 5 feet. She has brown hair, glasses, and favors jeans with pretty shirts and sneakers with sparkly laces.

Becca has had a largely mundane life. Born to middle income parents, life was rather stable until her parents divorced when she was 11. Becca took things relatively well for a child- it was a change, and not always comfortable, but she understood her mother and father jut didn't get along very well. Thing were safe, different, but safe, and so she could manage. She had friends at school, her brother were pesks. Life was normal. Becca's life took a turn for the weird when she was imbued at age 12.She had gone to a summer camp that turned out to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy. The ghost wanted vengeance against those that had seemingly harmed him, but were long gone. Becca, following her Redeemer path, helped the ghost to work past that, and move on. When she got back to her home town, she had to keep her secret from her family, and friends. It was lonely and hard. Seeing monsters was not exactly the easiest thing for any rational person, and for a 12 and soon 13 year old, even more difficult. She learned about the hunter net, and how to find information, but found few of her own " kind" were in the town. Further more, as she read about the other imbued, she realized that perhaps she did not WANT to meet other imbued as they all sounded very crazy and very dangerous. She tried to fit in with her friends, to be normal. And then she meant Devon, and Andrew- since then NOTHING has been the same.

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