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Names: Bruce, Joey, Stan, Pip

Status: Node Guardians

Title: Scouts

Affiliation: Silver Tree

Appearance: Each acorn guardian is roughly three inches tall with an acorn for a head. Their body is composed of some sort of war outfit with the innards stuffed with leaves. Bruce, the lead acorn, is usually dressed up either as Batman or some sort of military leadership. The others have an assortment of uniforms.

Personality: Each acorn has their own distinct personality.

Bruce is the leader. He's a very take charge type acorn, and feels that the survivors of the Great Oak Sapling Massacre are his responsibility.

Joey is second in command and an aviation ace. Not bad for a species that shouldn't even be able to walk.

Stan is the cynic of the group. He's fond of the Cure.

Pip is the rookie. He's easily spooked and in need of training, but he tries hard.

History: After assisting with a Hermetic summoning ritual, Craig and Jason were directed by Amisi, Patron Spirit of Flowers and Children, to protect a seemingly deserted plot of forested over land. When they went to investigate this land, they came across what appeared to be a freshly dug grave and the whiff of quintessence. After digging in the new grave, they came across dozens of broken or shredded dolls with mysterious gold coins stuffed into the chests. These coins were tainted with greed resonance.

During the investigation, Bruce and his band of Scout Trainees returned to the area and discovered the group of mages as well as the horrible truth. Their tree had been stolen, the shamans missing, and the warriors slaughtered to a seed. The Scouts had teamed up with the mages to locate the perpetrator of this horrible deed and retrieve their tree from the thief, a materialized Greed Spirit who wanted the power for himself and him alone. The Node Tree currently resides by a small lake on Silver Tree property.

Recently, the Scouts were called upon to help locate the greater demon Mal Guta. Mal Guta's dreams were causing a great disturbance to the plant spirits, making for many sleepless nights for the Scouts.

Powers and Abilities: Each Acorn is a gifted tracker. They can move without trace through any natural vegetation, even a meticulously well kept lawn. They have minor command over nearby plants, which helps them to make beautiful maps using the surrounding foliage, and in a pinch can combine with one another to form a treeman.

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